It may seem like scurries have become less important with the increased popularity of tablets. If you still use a desktop computer, chances are you still need a snopes to do most of the work.

Microsoft allows users to modify the OS on their device to their liking, which also includes changing the appearance of their mouse cursor.

Microsoft has a variety of customization features for you to experiment with.

How to change the mouse cursor on Windows 10 

You can change your mouse cursor to something more interesting by following the steps below.

Change schemes

You give all your pointers a new look when you change schemes.

1. You need to boot up your computer.

2. Click on the Search Bar on your Taskbar if you press the Windows button on your keyboard.

3. When you type in Mouse, wait for suggestions to appear, then select Change your mouse settings, and Windows will open the Mouse settings page.

The results of the Windows 10 search bar, with the “Change your mouse settings” option highlighted.
Search for the mouse settings in the “Search” bar.
Stefan Ionescu

4. Click Additional mouse options to see the Mouse Properties pop up.

The mouse settings page, with the “Additional mouse options” option highlighted.
Go to the additional options in the mouse options settings page.
Stefan Ionescu

5. You can see the available schemes by clicking on the button under the scheme.

The “Pointers” tab of the mouse properties, with the “Scheme” dropdown expanded and highlighted.
You can change schemes in the “Pointers” tab.
Stefan Ionescu

6. Click on Apply if you pick a scheme.

Click on the Use Default button if you want to revert changes.

Change individual cursor

You can modify a particular part of the scheme.

1. In the Pointers tab of the Mouse Properties, select on the scruple you want to change and then click on the section that says "Browse" on the bottom-right hand corner of the screen.

2. You will be able to choose from a number of options. Click open if you don't want to go there.

3. Press Apply to confirm your new location.

How to customize cursors on Windows 10

You can modify the scrutineers to your liking. The making changes here will affect any previous changes to the cursor.

Change cursor color

1. Click on the button to adjust the mouse size.

2. If you want to change the color of the pointer, click on any of the options below.

Mouse settings showing the available pointer colors to pick from.
There are a few options available to change the color of the pointer under “Change pointer color.”
Stefan Ionescu

Change cursor size

1. Click on the mouse settings page to adjust it.

2. You can change the size of the sliders under the Change point size. The size of the cursor will be increased by sliding it to the right and decreased by sliding it to the left.

Drag the slider to change the size of the cursor.
Drag the slider to change the size of the cursor.
Stefan Ionescu

Change cursor speed

1. You can change the pointer speed by opening the Mouse settings.

2. The left and right buttons should be adjusted to decrease or increase the speed.

Mouse settings page showing the slider for changing the cursor speed. The slider has also been highlighted.
Adjust the slider left or right to change the cursor speed.
Stefan Ionescu

Download custom cursors

1. You can open the library on your browser.

2. Click on the next page, click on the big Download button, and you will be able to download the cursor onto your PC.