Users have been asking for the edit button for years, and it is finally being added. The social media giant's communications team said on Tuesday evening that it has been working on the elusive feature for the past year, and that it was a joke after it was announced for the first time on Friday.

The company said that it will test the edit button for users of the service in the coming months.


— Twitter Comms (@TwitterComms) April 5, 2022

It's not unusual for fans of the service to ask for a way to modify their account so that they can fix their mistakes, but without sacrificing the replies, likes, and retweets. Jay Sullivan shared his insights in a thread about how the edit button would be engineered so that it doesn't get abused once it launches site wide.

Preserving the integrity of the public conversation is our top priority. It will take time and we will be looking for input and thinking in advance of the launch of Edit. We will approach this feature with care and we will share updates as we go.

Sullivan's thread is similar to the one Jack Dorsey shared several years ago. He was hesitant about implementing the feature because it would allow some users to abuse it in order to revise their controversial tweets after the fact. He said in the video that after reading a question about the edit button, he decided that it wouldn't be added.

In the past few years, Facebook, Instagram, and Discord have added an edit feature to allow their users to fix their mistakes after posting them with minimal issues. Many fans of the service will be happy to hear that the feature is officially on its way.

It's not clear when the edit feature will be available for all users or when it will make its way to mobile apps.

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