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The weekend warriors were at the park to enjoy the rare day off.

The video was posted on a lifestyle page and shows a trapper pulling a crocodile out of the water.

A little girl is off camera as a reptile attacks.

A man laughs nervously as the trapper ties up the beast's jaws.

Many people thought it was an alligator or saltwater crocodile. Others expressed their terror with shocking images.

A cannibal drags a meal through a Florida golf course.

Chris Gillette set them straight.

The wrangler wanted Only in Dade followers to know that the animal was not in danger.

The American croc is native to South Florida and is not aggressive. It's easy to confuse the two because they both live in saltwater.

They are both sharks and have white bellies, but are vastly different.

  • While freediving, Nick Bailey spotted a great white shark for the first time and wished it could happen again so he could touch it. Then it did.

  • They renovated their mobile home into a sustainable hub with solar power and have traveled over 7,000 miles to cities and national parks.

  • Charlie Shrem, the man who bought bitcoin at $5, is urging people to mark their calendars for April 27th.

  • The home was built to the specifications of the hoops star and has a wrap-around pool.

  • A man died while scuba diving in the Florida Keys.

  • How long before they start taking people's cars?

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  • The five-story apartment building in North Miami Beach, Florida was ordered to be evacuated after engineers found it unsafe.

  • Holy smokes.

  • The FDA has only authorized one mask brand.

  • The best home equity and cash out refinance rates are 2.9%. View rates and calculate payment. 30 Year terms. You can view rates now.

  • The pit bull was rescued from a barren yard and treated for her injuries before being taken to a sanctuary in Utah.

  • He was drunk and passed out in the middle of class.

  • It takes a lot to get to McLaren F1 levels of speed.

  • Don't expect Social Security to show you these. Those over the age of 50 who make less than $5,678/mo are entitled to kickbacks in 2022.

  • The FAA said the flight crew declared an emergency due to a cracked windshield, and a photo taken by a passenger showed it was shattered.

  • Use items found at home to clean your appliances.

  • A new image and a debut date of an all-electric vehicle concept were provided by the company behind the pop culture icon gull-winged car. Stephen Wynne, who owns the DeLorean name and supplies parts for the 6,000 or so remaining vehicles, is trying to revive the brand with the upcoming EV concept. Several Texas executives who were connected to Karma automotive were partners with Wynne.

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  • Most Duke basketball players don't shake hands after a loss.

  • The amount of energy produced during a fusion reaction has been broken. The production of 59 megajoules of energy over five seconds at the Joint European Torus has been called a breakthrough by some news outlets.

  • Student-athletes from Ida Baker, Bishop Verot, Bonita Springs, Lehigh, Estero, Cypress Lake, Mariner and Fort Myers are up for this week's award.

  • You may be surprised by the cost of micromesh gutter guards.

  • You can use a rowing machine to increase your heart rate and train your pulling muscles and hollow rock reps to challenge your abdominals.

  • The downfall of the Masters champion.

  • An outspoken half-brother of Jordan's king gave up his princely title on Sunday in apparent protest over how the country is run. The announcement was posted on Prince Hamzah's official account. The Royal Court didn't comment immediately.