Neuroscience/Brain Science

Tourists headed to the International Space Station this month on board a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule are bringing a special scientific experiment with them: a headset that they will use to map changes in brain.

It looks like a prop from the 1982 sci-fi movie "Tron."

The startup developed the experiment. The headset uses machine learning to analyze brain activity.

The company wants to make sense of different human behaviors, for example, mood, cognitive load, fatigue and more, by comparing the analyzed data to control subjects back on the ground.

The headset will look at the plastic changes in the brain to see how microgravity affects the structure of the organ.

It isn't the first time brain activity has been studied in space, but the company claims it's the first to use high-density dry EEG systems. CEO Yair Levy said last month that it was designed to be the most effective, cheapest, easiest-to-use headset in the world.

Three of the four crew members on the space station will wear headsets for 15 minutes twice a day. They will be asked to look at stimuli to detect abnormal brain dynamics.

One of the most persistent mysteries in modern science is the understanding of the brain.

This Israeli startup will map brain changes in space on a private mission.

The crew of the first private mission to the space station has been named.

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