It can marry off a serial killer, but it can't keep a bad man down for long. There is a warning ahead. Joe Goldberg was trapped in a marriage with a serial killer who was even more bloodthirsty than he was. When they had a son together, Joe was fond of Marienne. Love had to die. Joe is a free man again.

The new season of You will take place in London, as Joe chases Marienne in a new country. The only cast members who are expected to return are Badgley and Gabrielle. There is a new supporting cast this season. More than a few will meet their end at the hands of Joe.

Penn Badgley in You.

Lady Phoebe is an avid fan base and will be played by Tilly Keeper. When she is alone with her friends, her true colors show. She is a cheerleader for her American boyfriend, Adam. She is also a wild card, and AmyLeigh Hickman will portray her. Her character is described as a literature major with a love of genre telling and the desire to be a serious author. A young woman who has never been accepted by her peer group is helped by the outspokenness and intensity of Nadia. She made some big mistakes and now they threaten to destroy her life. She will need help even if it is from the wrong people.

Ed Speleers is going to play the character of Rhys, who was born into poverty and went on to become a politician. He is moving easily in any social circle. He doesn't have much time for partying, but he enjoys staying in touch with his eccentric circle of friends. They were with him in his troubled youth.

Niccy Lin will be playing a recurring character in the show. Sure, it looks like she's lying around in a bikini on social media, but every aspect of her feed represents high-end sponsorship deals. Simon will be played by Aidan Cheng and he is an artist who dislikes small talk and strangers. Simon proved the world wrong when, despite his wealth and sheltered life, he proved himself an artist worthy of praise.

Malcolm may be a more sympathetic character. He is born to privilege, according to the notes. Malcolm is a literature professor who doesn't work very hard and enjoys all the social perks of the job. If you resist, Malcolm can tip over into bully. He is dating a successful woman who speaks to his intelligence and maturity. He is also seeing a few others on the side, which cancels out the bonus points. He's from a family that has a name that's on an important building around Europe. He is attractive, stylish and possesses perfect manners, but there is a certain cold calculation to be made by Roald, not to mention rumors of a hidden dark side.

Eve Austin is joining the cast as a member of a privileged circle of friends who met at Oxford. Ozioma Whenu is a fun friend to party with, but her privileged life has rendered her tone-deaf and lacking in empathy towards those with less.

The fourth season is currently in production. The new season hasn't been set yet.

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