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2022 March 30

Animation: Odd Radio Circles

Credits: Illustration: Sam Moorfield; Data: CSIRO, HST (HUDF), ESA, NASA;

Image: J. English (U. Manitoba), EMU, MeerKAT, DES (CTIO); Text: Jayanne English

What is a Cosmic Puzzle that no one expected to see? Odd Radio Circle is also known as ORCs. The ORC-1 is one of the five objects that were discovered using the new Australia n SKA Pathfinder radio array. The data from the South Africa n MeerKAT array is used in the final image in the video. The radio data is combined with a Dark Energy Survey map. An illustration by an artist explores one idea about the origins of the ORC. If two black holes collide in the center of a galaxy, they could create a ring of radio radiation. These grow to fill the frame. The expansion of the ORC can be tracked until it is a million light-year s across. The Square Kilometer Array can help test this and other promising scenarios.

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