It would have been awesome to be a fly on the wall. Mark Vande Hei, a NASA Astronaut, and two Russian cosmonauts traveled back from the International Space Station in a Russian Soyuz capsule.

After the end of the Space Shuttle program, NASA would contract the Russian space agency to fly its astronauts to and from the International Space Station, a fairly standard arrangement. Many wondered what the dynamics of this journey would be like as the relationship between the two countries deteriorated.

It sounds like things went well.

The last time Americans and Russians flew together in space was a long time ago, but it was professional and classy.

Friends Forever

The collaboration between Russia and the United States on the International Space Station remains smooth despite dire international tension, according to NASA officials.

NASA administrator Bill Nelson said earlier this week that the working relationship between NASA and international partners continues.

The spirit of continued camaraderie hasn't necessarily included alumnae of NASA's astronauts program, especially after Russia released a controversial video that many interpreted as an oblique threat to leave Vande Hei behind.

Scott Kelly said after the release of the clip that he was enraged that the astronauts said they were going to leave an American behind.

Nelson's counterpart in the Russian space program has not echoed NASA's even-tempered tone. He released a series of statements that ranged from threatening to bizarre.

It seems like everything stayed professional at the landing site.

Russian cosmonauts handed over command of the space station to NASA astronauts.

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