It was an experience to watch the Oscars in 2022.

Here to recap all of the biggest moments isAmber Ruffin, who ran a segment on Late Night withSethMeyers to quickly bounce through highlights like Beyonc's performance of "Be Alive" from King Richard.

That Moment may be one of the greatest monologues of our time. Here it is, in all its glory.

Will Smith slapped Chris Rock, we will say for the rest of our lives. Life as we know it changed forever. I was hoping that it was a bit, but it turned out to be nothing. My home was filled with sadness. I couldn't escape the darkness. She wondered if the Oscars had lost its magic.

Lacey called me and we screamed. We yelled a loud scream of excitement. Is it terrifying? I don't know. We yelled it with all of America. There was no more show after we tried to stay engaged. There was nothing left. The couch I was sitting on was no longer fluffy. My blanket was very warm. The tea I was drinking had lost its flavour. I flushed the Oscars down the toilet because I thought they took everything I knew. Is it possible that I could survive in this new world? The best horror movie is the Oscars, so they don't have a category for it.

cey called back with a video. I needed to see her face to know I was awake. And then it happened. The Oscar for Best Actor went to Will Smith, and all of America held their breath, bit their cuticles, and then Will Smith won. I didn't breathe for five minutes and 25 seconds after his acceptance speech. I slipped through after the Earth cracked open.

I heard echoes of "I'm sorry, but never to Chris Rock", but never to Chris Rock. I am in the center of the Earth and I am not sure what he said. I read jokes and think pieces about it after it ends. Everyone in America felt the same way I did, even though I had seen something horrible and private.

My friends are the magic of the Oscars.

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