At this point, I almost feel bad reading the tape that tells the story of Thailand's tourism reopening. It is similar to reading a rap sheet for a multi time criminal out loud. One count of 31 steps for visitors to jump through, 15 counts of confusing last minute changes, and on and on.

Thailand is laying out a framework to drop travel restrictions completely, as it faces strong competition from neighboring Vietnam, as well as Malaysia, Singapore and Cambodia.

No date with tourism in Thailand is a lock, if there is one thing to be sure of.

A series of tentative dates has now been announced as health situations continue to improve. The first dates for travel to Thailand would be a bit like the old days.

Thailand Unveils “Restriction Free Travel” Plan

It is easier to travel to Thailand now than it was. You still need to take a test and fill out forms before you can board a flight. It is gorgeous and wonderful, so it can be worth it.

Thailand hopes to end travel restrictions by June 1st, 2022. Don't hold your breath. The ministers are starting to sing a more logical tune.

“Thailand started like a rabbit, running quickly last year as we reopened to visitors. We cannot let the country fall behind as many nations are opening borders and have fewer restrictions than us,” 

Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn, Thailand Minister of Sports & Tourism

It is exciting to think that you can travel to Thailand in just over two months. The Thai Ministry of Tourism and Sports came up with a set of protocols that would be triggered if Covid-19 statistics improved.

Phase 1: Arrival PCR Replaced By Antigen Test

In Phase 1 of the new arrival plans for Thailand, the mandatory test for post arrival would be replaced by a test kit. As health situations are monitored, this new date is subject to change.

For the time being, all other procedures, such as visas, Test & Go forms and ASQ forms, would still be required.

Phase 2: All Arrival Protocols Dropped

Thailand hopes to eliminate all of their current tourism protocols from June 1st, 2022. Before the Pandemic changed the tourism world for more than two years, travel to the country would be as simple as it is now.

Thailand recently ended its pre-departure testing requirement, but the move did little to alleviate confidence, knowing an arrival test would be waiting. It could be the winning combination if Thailand is able to drop all testing and admin.

A Logical Path Ahead For Thailand

Thailand's approach to travel restrictions seems logical after a circuitous route to get there. Thailand will face strong competition from other Southeast Asian wonders if health situations continue to improve.

It could be a great year to go to Thailand if the restrictions are removed, as demand for tourism was huge in 2019. Thailand is a great place to visit for food and drink.

Thailand's government cabinet has approved proposals from tourism ministers to get international travelers back into the country. It's brilliant news, but even the official government statements don't always go to plan. The news shows promising options for travelers.

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The Japan Times misquoted a minister and it wasn't going to be as exciting as hoped for international visitors, after news of Japan subsidizing travel costs for visitors a few weeks back. Now it is Thailand's turn.

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Thailand is open, but I will not be paying for 14 days in a hotel room to get started. The general sentiment for most travelers is that they want to rediscover this jewel of Southeast Asia, and those sentiments have been answered or will be soon. Thailand is reducing the number of people who are allowed in the country.

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