There are a lot of electric SUVs coming out this year.

The choices will be harder to make as more compact SUVs are available. It's not just a single company, it's a group of companies.

The Volvo C40 Recharge is a completely electric car from Volvo, and it has no gas equivalent. The car is an EV first and foremost. Even if it doesn't have a traditional grille in front, it's still very much a Volvo from its creative analog features, focus on sustainable materials, and overall aesthetic. We all know it as Volvo, but it still has a good reputation for safety. It is a different design from any other Volvo, but it is still a Volvo SUV.

A car facing forward while in an open glass garage with a yucca plant on the right side.

It looks like a Volvo. Credit: Volvo

The C40 Recharge is a large car that has a family-friendly vibe. The C40 Recharge is a compact, sporty option that fits right into the SUV segment. It can reach up to 112 mph and can handle tougher terrain with all-wheel drive.

It knows its audience and its battery range is not the most competitive in an EV. This is for families who need a car to get to an activity, or to go for a date. It's more than 200 miles of charge. When not road-tripping, most charging happens at home. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 80% of charging is at home.

A blue car from behind plugged into a charging plug.

You're likely charging at home. Credit: Volvo

I regenerated five miles of range from several thousand feet up while driving a Fjord blue C40 Recharge above the hills of the Palm Springs, California desert earlier this month. On the way up, there were signs on the side of the road that said to turn off the AC to help the engine power through, and I was pretty sure that my battery-powered machine would help me get down.

After a day of driving around Palm Springs, including a drive-by architecture tour to 10 different homes, and an emergency trip to a Best Buy, I had over 30 percent battery left.

I found myself riding behind another Volvo and the C40 Recharge was blended right in. As the Swedish company commits to more and more EV, it slips in as part of the Volvo family. The charging port, front trunk, and new grille are expected features in any Volvo.

The C40 Recharge is the company's turn toward electric cars, but it looks like the familiar Volvo vibe isn't going away.