Urban Meyer, now back in Ohio working indirectly with the Buckeyes, reportedly was not aware of Aaron Donald, arguably the best defensive player in football.

There were some basic problems when putting together an NFL deadline for Urban Meyer. According to a report from The Athletic, Meyer was not familiar with the best players in the NFL. Donald is arguably the best in the NFL.

Sando and Jenks reported that Meyer said that he might be a problem for us.

Meyer left the team in disgrace. He didn't make it through one season before being canned. He was accused of belittling players and coaches on a regular basis and once telling his players that they wouldn't get a job if he cut them.

When the quarterback was breaking down a route to John Brown, this former teacher told him to slow it down.

Do you know what Urban Meyer is doing? It was an easy story to overlook because of the Deshaun Watson rumors, the 60-point game by Irving the night before, and the NCAA Tournament. Meyer is back in college football.

He isn't coaching, but he is back in a familiar place and he will be working to bring in talent for one of the two teams. According to the Columbus Dispatch, he will be on the board of a new non-profit that will use the new NIL rules to help charities.

Meyer spoke about NIL last season with theJaguars.

Meyer said that the guy never played a snap and got $1.5 million. It's not easy to get him to go to Sociology 101. That's not my issue again.

Meyer has always been concerned about his players taking Gen-ed courses. He doesn't have to pretend to be anything in this new role. The loss to Michigan in November will not happen again for at least eight years if he can get that nonprofit to roll in enough talent. It was a win-win for Meyer and Ohio State since this news didn't register last week.

Cardale Jones, a former quarterback for the Ohio State University football team, and Brian Schottenstein, a local real estate developer, founded the organization with the goal of becoming the largest NIL fund in America. I just vomited, so excuse me while I clean up my desk.

It's the perfect place for Meyer to get back into football. He isn't directly involved with the program. He is one of the best recruiters in college football history, and he gets to use his greatest skill to help the place that he loves. He stepped down as Ohio State's coach. He was suspended for three games for lying to investigators about when he knew about the abuse accusations against Smith. It took Smith's ex-wife getting a domestic violence civil protection order for him to get fired, and for him to lie about what he knew, but hey, he knows how to lie.

If this all makes your hairs stand up on the back of your neck, and you feel a chill down your spine, that's because you have a conscience. Nothing can make this sentence sound right, even if the percentage of douchey people involved with it is the same as Urban Meyer's.

I'm sorry, my stomach is starting to feel uneasy again.