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Decatur, Alabama. An Alabama liquor store owner has sued after a police officer responded to a robbery call and punched him in the face and broke his jaw.

Kevin Penn sued the city of Decatur and a police officer in federal court. Penn is black and Rippen is white.

The Decatur Police Department uses excessive force and the city ignores it, according to the suit.

Penn's constitutional rights were violated by illegal seizure, false arrest and excessive force according to the lawsuit.

Marks said his department hasn't yet received the lawsuit. Decatur Mayor Tab Bowling referred questions to Marks, who said he regretted a lawsuit had been filed.

According to the lawsuit, the city gets complaints of police brutality and false charges when a citizen speaks up or asserts his rights as an American citizen.

The suit accuses officers of using common charges against local citizens.

The lawsuit states that Decatur officers frequently use these charges without a legal basis.

Penn held the shoplifter at gun while he was lying on the ground and trapped him with an electronic lock. The video shows Penn unloading his gun. The video shows Penn setting the gun magazine down as the officers approach.

Penn was told by an officer to put his weapon down. Penn refused to say that he had a right to have a gun.

Police believed Penn was reloading the gun in 2020. An officer, who has been identified as Rippen, appears to punch Penn. The video shows that Penn was wrestled to the ground by two other officers. Penn was charged with obstructing a robbery investigation.

The obstructing governmental operations charge is standard procedure for most police departments and 100% used in north Alabama.

The city failed to ensure that officers were properly trained and supervised.

The lawsuit says that city leaders were aware of many situations in which citizens were subjected to unconstitutional stops, searches, arrests and uses of force but did not take action to investigate and discipline officers.

Penn had his jaws wired shut for six weeks.

The charges against Penn are still pending.

I don't know why they're still active or if they've set a court date.

Penn filed a false arrest complaint after he was punched, but the city did nothing. Mr. Penn hasn't heard from the city in a while.

The Penn lawsuit says that Rippen wasn't disciplined. The video became public three months after it happened.

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