Max Yuryev, host of the channel Max Tech, discovered something very interesting about Apple's new hardware during the teardown of the Mac Studio. This could mean that the Mac Studio's storage is upgradeable.

The SSD slots seem relatively easy to access

In the video, Yuryev shows how easy it is to get to the SSD slots in the device. After removing the panel, Yuryev found two SSD ports underneath the Mac Studio's power supply, which may be accessible without taking the device apart.

As Yuryev disassembles the Studio, he gets a closer look at the SSD ports. He says the ports on his Mac Pro are similar, but when he tries out the Mac Pro's SSD, it doesn't fit. Users of the Mac Pro can replace their existing solid state drive with a new one that can hold up to 8 terabytes of storage.

Apple says users can’t access the Mac Studio’s storage.
Screenshot: Apple

Yuryev points out that Apple's note on the Mac Studio's product page says users can't access the device's storage.

The standard model of the Mac Studio costs $1,999 and adds an extra $2,400 in storage, but can be configured with up to 8 terabytes of internal storage. Although the studio's internal storage may be upgradeable at some point, there is no way to upgrade it after purchasing the machine.


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It's not clear if we'll get a similar kit for the Mac Studio in the future, as Apple suggests it might want that work done by a professional. Tech tinkerers can do it themselves with third-party components, like those offered by Mac part provider OWC, even though Apple currently lets user bring their iMac Pros to Apple Stores or authorized service providers to add more RAM.