The latest version of the iPhone, now with 5G, has been divisive, to say the least. On the other hand, it is an affordable iPhone with the latest A15 Bionic, so you know you will get awesome performance. It launched with a design that Apple has been using for the last three years.

Some may think that Apple is repackaging a decade-old design in its latest affordable phone, but not me.

I'm still a fan of the iPod Touch

I have written before about wanting a new iPod Touch. There were rumors last year that Apple might release a new version of the iPod Touch, but it didn't happen. I was disappointed when they didn't announce a new iPod Touch at the event. That is all I want.

The current model of iPod Touch uses an older design than the one used in the 2016 model. It has a four-inch screen. I am not sure if apps are compatible with that size anymore, if half the apps can run on the aging iPod Touch, and so on. I am not willing to buy that iPod to give it a try, but I am sure they can with some limitations.


The iPod Touch is a great alternative and secondary device where I can store my music and some apps.

The reasons why I still like the iPod Touch are the same. In a world where there doesn't seem to be any decent, affordable music players, the iPod Touch is a great alternative and secondary device where I can store my music and some apps, offloading some of that usage from my smartphone and saving some battery. I used to have an iPod Touch and a phone when I was in college. I liked it because it allowed me to use my Windows phone without the commitment of buying a more expensive phone.

A new iPod Touch could still make money for Apple by giving access to its various services.

Even though Apple has not updated the iPod Touch since the beginning of the year, it did come with a newer version, which was already a few years old. After not receiving an update last year, I am a little worried that Apple will never give me the new iPod Touch that I want. Something with a larger display, an updated chipset, and maybe a headphones jack. The iPhone SE was entered.

The iPhone SE could be a viable iPod Touch replacement

Even though the new iPhone SE is not the prettiest, it is still an affordable phone. It is here to reach people who will not be able to purchase a more expensive flagship phone, and looks are not a priority. If Apple gives us a cheaper iPhone, I'm okay with that. It is almost cheap enough to be a replacement for my iPod Touch.

If I bought an iPhone SE, I would not put a sim card in it, because I am still purchasing an Apple product. I will keep it on wi-fi, download the apps and tunes I need, and go about my day with my new iPod Touch, but this method could also work out for another demographic.

The iPhone SE is for people who otherwise will not be able to purchase a more expensive flagship smartphone.

One of the arguments I made about why the iPod Touch is still important is that parents can give it to their kids as a training device. It would come with a lot of bells and whistles, but without the commitment, and at a much lower price. If you believe your child is ready for a phone, you can just pop in a sim card, and they will be connected to a modern 5G network. I am not a parent, but that sounds like a nice deal to me.

Mark Gruman argued that Apple should consider selling the previous model of the phone at a lower price. It would give Apple a reason to push the iPod Touch out of its products lineup while still being able to make money off the services that you can still access from the device, thus making up for any missed profit margins from the cheaper hardware. It would push the iPhone to a new low and allow it to compete with some of the best budget phones in the world.

Time to forget the iPod Touch

It seems more and more unlikely that I will ever get an iPod Touch redesign. Maybe Apple will surprise us with a new iPod Touch at some point. Until then, the new iPhone SE is looking more and more like a viable alternative to my iPod Touch troubles, while being the most affordable way to join the iPhone camp for anyone not willing to fork over the dough for a new iPhone 13