The Hummer EV was barely out of the starting gate when it was hit with its first recall. There was something wrong with the software that powers the taillights that led to a recall of at least 10 electric pickup trucks. Yes, you read that correctly. Cars are rolling computers.

The software in the taillamp assembly is the cause of the problem, according to the recall notice.

The software bug can affect one or both of the taillights

The software bug can affect one or both of the taillights, which can cause them to be partially illuminated or all-the-way ineffective. That includes the brake light, turn signals, backup lamp, side marker, and clearance lamp. Even after the vehicle was turned off, the taillight remained on.

The problem was discovered by two GM employees based on field reports of the Hummer EV. There have been no reported crashes as a result of the defect that the automaker said it received three complaints about.

The fix is so easy that it has already been taken care of. The company reached out to all of the affected owners and replaced the faulty taillights. Before delivery, other Hummers were fixed.

A GM spokesman said in an email that all customer vehicles have been fixed and that they apologize for any hassle caused. The 10 impacted vehicles do not represent the entire population of Hummer EV that has been delivered to customers.