An illustration of time-traveling dudes Bill and Ted riding horses and playing instruments.

We have good news for Bill and Ted fans who think the franchise has come to a close. Everyone's favorite time-traveling rock stars are going back to hell in new comic books.

Bill & Ted Roll the Dice #1 will be released by Opus Publishing on June 14. The story follows the Wyld Stallyns as they are sent back to hell by Satan. They will have to play a fantasy game to save the band and their souls. They will run into their old friend Joan of Arc along the way. The air guitar!

The story is written by James Asmus (Quantum and Woody) with art by Wayne Nichols (Orphan Black), and each issue will have a sub-origin story of Chuck De Nomolos, the villain in Bogus Journey, which features fan-favorite character Rufus in a leading role The section is written by John Barber and illustrated by Andrew Currie. The cover of issue one is by Lukas Ketner, who is the creator of the Witches Doctor.

bill and ted on horses..

The executive editor of the publishing brand of Incendium told io9 via email that comics were the natural next step, seeing how the company had already made some excellent Bill and Ted toys and apparel. The subject matter came from Tipton's past.

For the first storyline, we wanted something that hadn't been done in the comics before, that was a fit for the era yet still relevant today, and that was a strong musical. The satanic panic was spawned when parents and religious groups objected to the games and heavy metal music.

I pulled out the Rolodex and looked up the funniest writers I knew.

Bill and Ted from bogus journey

Since fans have seen what happens to Bill and Ted after this time period, Tipton made sure the story took place in a time that didn't betray any of that.

We will have a new Bill & Ted comic in stores each month, as well as a couple of one-shots as we gear up for the series.

The official Incendium site has more on that, as well as Bill and Ted Roll the Dice #1, which is out June 14.

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