Will AD be ready for the playoffs? (1:01)

Anthony Davis may make an appearance in the playoffs if he recovers well. (1:01)

10:14 PM ET

Anthony Davis can't say for certain if he will return to game action for the Los Angeles Lakers this season, but he is hopeful that the foot injury will heal in time for a comeback.

Davis told a small group of reporters before the Lakers played the Suns on Sunday that he was optimistic about his recovery. I would love to say 100 but with only a certain amount of games, not sure.

The Lakers coach said that Davis would begin spot shooting in Los Angeles on Monday, nearly four weeks to the day when the star big man went airborne to catch a pass and came down on a Utah Jazz center. Davis fell to the floor with his lower right leg in pain.

When it first happened, I heard the crunching of my foot.

It looked like a softball was stuffed inside of the foot. He doesn't want to watch a replay of what happened.

It was worse because it happened less than a month after he had to sit out 17 games because of a knee injury.

The first thing Davis thought was, "Not again." I have another four-to-six. That is where the anger came from. It was a little bit of relief that it was not as bad as it could have been, but it was still angry.

Without Davis, L.A. beat the Jazz to head into the All-Star break with a win. The Lakers went just 2-6 in the time since.

Davis said that he has been able to keep up his Cardio while he has been training. He said his return from the knee injury gave him a good idea of what he can expect this time around.

When I got a chance to play again, it was like I missed you. This is a different position, so it's the same. We are fighting to get into the playoffs and stay in the play-in games. I am trying to rush back but do it the right way so I don't hurt the foot. Timing is of the essence.

The Suns were able to come back to win the series after Davis suffered a groin injury, as the Lakers' struggles without their eight-time All-Star brought to mind. The Lakers would have advanced had Davis been able to stay on the court.

I think they know that, he said.

The chances of Davis returning before the regular season ends in 16 games is 100 percent, according to Vogel.

He said that the mindset is to not think about Anthony and just win the game.

One positive to Davis has been the success of the center. James started at the 5 in L.A.'s 7-4 record, which included 50 points in two of his last three games. James was at center Sunday.

While James has been out, Davis said seeing his dominance reminded him of the precarious opportunity they share.

Davis said that the window was very short. To be able to play with a player who is going to be a Hall of Famer is something you want to take advantage of. We did it the first year. We both got banged up last year, and this year it is me who is injured more. It closes every day. That is another frustrating part. A lot of guys don't get to play with talent like that. I have the chance to do that. I want to take advantage of that time.

He has another year with the Lakers. I don't know what he will do. We want to take advantage of that and get another ring out of it.