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It's a thing right now. Unfamiliar? It is the art of making up for lost time and getting back into the world as restrictions are dropped.

One way to do that would be to embark on a trip around the world in business class.

You can book that dream for $2999 all in, with only one catch, as noted in the title. If you're not already there, you'll need to use points or a cheap flight to get to Paris.

You can visit 3 continents with one ticket from $2999 all in, if you choose to take the flights on top Star Alliance airlines. You can stay a few days or weeks at each destination.

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A Few “Around The World” Options

Combining a few amazing flight deals will allow you to see three continents with ease, and you can choose how long you stay in each. To make planning a bit easier, here is a layout of some potential trips.

  • In Oceania, the cheapest destination is Auckland. For Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane the price will go up to around £2600
  • In Asia, you can choose from Bangkok, SeoulHong Kong, Shanghai or Beijing 
  • In North America, from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Vancouver, New York and probably a few more.

There are a few instances where you would need to buy an extra ticket to get between the two points. It may not add much expense if you use miles or cash.

Two examples:

You could fly to New Zealand and then travel to Australia. You would just need to buy an additional ticket from New Zealand to Australia.

In North America, you could fly to Las Vegas and then take a flight to San Francisco or Los Angeles. There are some examples that offer live pricing.

The fares work both ways around the world.

Dates can be found in each month from June to September.

The cheapest time to fly is in November and December. The price will go up to $3800 for the other dates, which is still a great deal.

How to Book

The fares have to be booked through an online travel agency. There are a few examples with links and prices. If you want to book one of these deals, you need to change your dates once you click over.

No one knows when China will reopen again, so we did not include either of them in our examples.

  • $3100 Paris -> Los Angeles -> Auckland -> Singapore -> Paris
  • $3100 Paris -> New York -> Auckland -> Singapore -> Paris 
  • $3500 Paris -> San Francisco -> Sydney-> Bangkok -> Paris
  • $3800: Paris -> Las Vegas/San Francsisco -> Auckland -> Bangkok -> Paris

If you want to visit another place in Asia instead of North America, that's also possible.

$3500 Paris -> Singapore -> Sydney -> Bangkok.

$3175 Paris -> Singapore -> Auckland -> Seoul

Everyone is happy hunting. You can find more on how to create around the world tickets, including how to fly around the world using points for as low as 125,000 points in business class. Business class around the world!

Lufthansa Business Class Seat

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