There are no limits for Manchester United, says the player who scored a hat-trick.

Some claim that he broke a world record for goals scored, after his first United hat-trick since 2008 earned his club a 3-2 win and took his overall career goal tally to 807.

The Portugal forward said he was very happy with his first hat-trick.

Nothing beats being back on the pitch and helping the team with goals and effort.

We have proven once again that we can beat any team, as long as we work hard and stand together as one. There are no limits for Man United. No matter what! Let's go!

The performance came a week after it was suggested that he had flown to Portugal, having been told he was dropped.

The accusation was rejected by the United boss, who said the player had been ruled out with a hip injury.

He wondered if it was worth repeating the player's build-up after seeing his best performance since he came to the club as interim manager.

We were joking that it would be better to send him to Portugal for three days, then have him not train for two and then have him back, since he did so well in training on Thursday.

I decided to play him today even though he hasn't trained in a week. Maybe we need to do that for the rest of the season.

Ronaldo hat-trick 'his best performance' - Rangnick

The impact ofRonaldo at United has been questioned.

No United player has scored more than half of their total in all competitions, and only one has scored more than one goal in the same season.

Paul has no doubts about the value ofRonaldo to United.

The France international said that he has never been a problem.

It is not a problem if you have the best forward in the history of the team. He showed why he is the best player in the world. The performance from him and the rest of the team was brilliant.

Is Ronaldo the all-time top scorer?

There had been claims that the Portuguese player became the all-time top scorer with his hat-trick.

But the only time the Fifa website mentions Bican's 805-goal haul is in an article that says it is an estimated total, and does not call it a record. A Fifa tweet about Ronaldo's hat-trick did not even mention the record.

The Czech FA says Bican, who died in 2001, scored 821 goals and unofficial statisticians RSSSF - which initially reported the 805 figure - now says he has scored more than 950 goals.

Strikes in amateur and reserve games are included.

Even if we do not know how much by, the all-time top scorer of top-level players isRonaldo.

Real Madrid and Hungary's Ferenc Puskas are all in the 700s, but the numbers vary from report to report.

Lionel Messi has 759 goals for Argentina, Barcelona and Paris St-Germain.

The top three names on the RSSSF list, which include unofficial games, are Germany's Erwin Helmchen, Bican and England's Ronald Rooke.

Man Utd 3-2 Spurs: Ronaldo is never a problem - Pogba

'The guy is a genius' - United legends react

Sky Sports pundits were impressed with the performance.

The ex-United defender said that the player was sensational. He missed out on last weekend.

The first goal was brilliant. He was the star of the show. It was a special goal.

It stuns me that someone with so much talent and skill can be so good with a ball.

He is single-minded. He wants to play all the time because he thinks he is the greatest of all-time. These are goals scored at the highest level.

Ronaldo has had criticism, but he has been doing that throughout his career. It is amazing.

He has a big part to play in the rebuilding of the club. You need a player like that in your team.

Has he been at his best? You have a better chance of winning football matches when he is playing. He will produce for you if he is playing week in, week out.

It is about moments. For a long time,Ronaldo has done that. Those moments are produced by him.

The hardest part of the game is scoring goals. What more can you say about scoring that many goals? The guy is a genius.

I will not lose my ambition - Conte

The manager of Spurs said that the Portuguese was the greatest player of the modern era along with Messi.

He has to deal with the team's inconsistent play.

Since losing a home game to Wolves, Spurs have lost three times and won once.

It leaves Spurs with a chance of a top four spot, but also a chance of missing out on European qualification.

After the recent defeat at the hands of the Clarets, he suggested he was ready to walk out on the club. He made it clear that he would not contend for major honours forever.

He said he was enjoying his time at Spurs.

This is a different situation than my past. I fought to win titles.

This is a big challenge. We are trying to make a difference.

I have patience. I like the work we are doing. I want to keep my ambition. That must be clear for everyone.

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