Bob Marley is one of the most well-known people in the world. Some people feel as if they know him personally, yet there is so much that is unknown. Bob Marley still has a mystery. Some people may be discovering him because we are still learning about him.

The most extensive collection of Bob Marley artifacts will be displayed in one online location, thanks to the partnership we have with Google Arts and Culture. We see him, hear his music, listen to his words, look at his life and learn something about him.

Who is Bob Marley? A fist raised to the air in defiance, a smile that makes you want to smile back, the puffs of a spliff as he asks us to help him sing these songs of freedom, inspiring us to stand up for our rights, and a smile that makes you want to smile back.

My father has gone from being a musician to an activist. Bob Marley is a symbol for love, justice, equality, freedom and unity to people from all walks of life around the world and with the help from the community of countless fans who have uncovered, preserved and shared endless amount of content, always finding something new. The legacy of Bob Marley continues to grow. We have found ways to sift through the massiveness of it all and create experiences that help connect the dots of his legacy while providing new angles of discovery.

It will grow in the coming months and years. Enjoy the journey.