There is a new offer on the Amex Gold card. This one is only available via referral link and only a few people are able to get a link to it. This is the best offer I have ever seen on a card.

The Offer & Key Card Details

To find a link to apply, click the card name below.

Quick Thoughts

Amex likes making it rain more points. I think the best offers of the pandemic are what they have consistently outdone themselves on. I want to say that this is as good as it can possibly be, but Amex is training me not to underestimate how good it can get.

60K points are included in the normal offer on this card. Resy has the best public offer on this card at 75,000 points and 20% back on restaurants, but this new offer adds another15,000 points. It is only available via referral, so you may be able to find it via referral link from someone in your household.

If you refer a friend or family member to a restaurant, you will get an extra 5 points per dollar for 3 months, on up to $25K in restaurant purchases. You can stack +5 multiple times on the same card, but only once per card. For more details, see our earlier post.

If you are able to open the Gold card and then generate a referral link from it to someone else, you will get a bonus at restaurants on your shiny new Gold card. The Gold card usually earns 4 points per dollar at restaurants. You will get 20% back at restaurants for the first year. If you refer someone else from the new Gold card, you will get 9 points per dollar at restaurants and 20% back. If you value Membership rewards points at 1 cent per point, you will get a 29% return on your restaurant spend for as long as that offer lasts. That is amazing.

If you have had the card before, you probably aren't eligible for the bonus. I have never had the gold card. It doesn't fit into the plans I had in mind, but it might be hard for me to resist this offer.

The cards in my household are not able to generate the 90K + 20% back offer. I have added the reader's link to our best offers page.

We want reader links!

If you have a link to this 90K + 20% back offer and would like to share it, you can do so by going to our Frequent Miler Insiders Facebook group. Use the search function to find the dedicated thread for Amex Gold card referrals. Leave your link in the correct place after reading the instructions. Please leave your link in the Best Offers page, we wouldn't refer a friend to an inferior offer, and you should only link to the 90K + 20% back offer.

Links that are left in the comments will not be posted. You can share your link over to frequent miler Insiders.

Chris is a reader.