Apple launched a fancy, new Mac Studio desktop computer and Studio Display yesterday, but the company also launched a couple of new accessories to match the new devices.

The Magic Mouse is now available in a black-silver combo, along with the Magic Trackpad and Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and Numeric Keyboard, which are also available in a similar black-silver combination.

The Mac Studio is only available in silver. The new studio display has black and silver stands, so you have to like both of them to match.

Apple Magic Mouse, Keyboard, Trackpad

Finally, black accessories to match your new Mac Studio, which isn't available in black. Credit: Apple

The devices seem to be the same as the white versions. You could buy some black/silver accessories with the Mac Pro, but they were not available on their own.

The Magic Mouse still has a charging port at the bottom, meaning you can't use it while charging it.

Apple Magic Mouse

Hello, bottom charger. We still don't like you. Credit: Apple

Apple says the battery lasts for about a month between charges, but it is still a clumsy design decision that feels very un-Apple like.

The prices for the Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, and Magic Keyboard are as follows: $99 for the Magic Mouse, $149 for the Magic Trackpad, and $199 for the Magic Keyboard. They cost more than the white versions. You can order them from the Apple Store.