Dance, a Berlin-based startup that raised nearly $20 million a few months ago, is expanding its electric bike subscription service to a number of new cities. In addition to Berlin, people in other cities will be able to rent an e-bike for a fixed monthly price.

Dance is not just another e-bike manufacturer. The company rents e- bikes to customers. The Dance One has a carbon belt, lights, and a mount for a phone on the handlebars. You can charge your bike at home if you unlocked the battery.

The Dance bike can be reserved for 79 per month. theft protection and repairs are included. You can schedule a repair for your bike over the next 24 hours. Dance is limited to a few cities because of that.

The startup won't stop at e- bikes. The company wants to accelerate urban mobility changes with a complete offering. Dance quietly acquired Rollich, an electric moped leasing company based in Berlin. The founder of Rollich is joining Dance and Rollich's mopeds.

Dance wants to move people across cities. Lighter vehicles, such as electric mopeds and bikes, combined with services, should definitely help when it comes to congestion and urban pollution.

The goal at Dance has always been to spark a global movement towards creating safer, more livable cities by offering a flexible and convenient way to travel.

The image is called Dance.

NIU is partnering with Dance for mopeds. Dance is integrating existing NIU mopeds with its service. The mopeds will only be available in Germany.

The photo at the top of the article looks like an ad for car-free cities with a car ad budget. The low-step variant of the electric bike is being introduced by Dance. It works the same as the existing e-bike, but with a different frame that works better for shorter people.

Customers can now pay for a yearly subscription and get a small rebate, instead of being limited to no-commitment plans.

If you are willing to pay for a yearly subscription, e- bikes are now priced at 79. A 12-month plan costs 891 per month for mopeds. The plans are a bit cheaper right now.

Dance wants to address the B2B market with a new offering. This service is not designed for food delivery companies. Dance for Business can be used to offer an e-bike as an employee benefit.

Many companies already pay for public transportation passes. It would be great if employees could choose between a public transportation pass and an e-bike.

The image is called Dance.