Aaron Rodgers is staying in Green Bay.

A four-year, $200 million contract that will keep Rodgers happy in Green Bay for another four seasons, as reported by the NFL Network, is the type of contract that one could say is contagious.

Four years and $200 million is a market-changing deal and we know what happens when one of those drops. Soon, every All-Pro or borderline elite quarterback will be looking for a similar deal. The biggest part of the deal is the guaranteed money for the quarterback.

Russell Wilson was traded to the Broncos moments after news of Rodgers staying in Green Bay.


It is the culmination of a long journey from being canceled by a fictional woke mob to being returned to Green Bay for a king's ransom.

Rodgers likes numbers. Not like Ben Roethlisberger's obsession with calories or Tom Brady's preoccupation with PSI levels. Rodgers spent his last year making pseudoscience that would explain how his therapy was more effective than vaccines that were proven to prevent deaths from a deadly virus by 90 percent. After only getting 75 percent of his contract guaranteed, it's a curious position for a guy to take. KirkCousins signed a fully-guaranteed contract.

The new contract will make up for the financial losses he suffered after losing his endorsement deal with Prevea Health. Rodgers will complain about the $47 million left up in the air by next spring or use it as motivation. Rodgers personality is that he raises his level of play when he feels disrespected. He has been that way since 2005, when he was forced to sit in an empty draft room. He made it very clear that he was upset with management since they drafted Jordan Love. In the Jordan Love era, Rodgers has thrown for 85 touchdown and nine interceptions.

Rodgers waved a white flag to Gutekunst after years of bluster. Rodgers was leaving Green Bay if Gutekunst was still in charge. Rodgers has backpedaled at every juncture. After Green Bay called his bluff and persuaded him to commit four more years to the Packers, Rodgers returned to training camp.

Gutekunst may have riled up Rodgers by wasting a pick on Jordan Love, but he hit so often that he never really got raked over the coals for his decision. Rodgers will be redeeming his reputation after his troll season. One long grievance fest was held in 2021. He was upset that the Packers didn't communicate with him. He was angry with the vaccine because it had a better efficacy rate than Mason Crosby. He was against the electoral math and the election of Biden. He was angry that the vaccines weren't 100 percent.

At some point, Rodgers probably peered at the landscape and realized that Gutekunst and Ted Thompson had assembled a stacked team around him. Jaire Alexander is an All-Pro and Eric Stokes was a revelation as a first-year player. Green Bay chose Elgton. Kenny Clark has excelled in the trenches, blowing up offenses from the inside. The left tackle missed most of the season due to a torn anterior cruciateeum. Adams was interested in following Rodgers to another franchise, but he didn't want another team to lure him away with a Brinks truck like Green Bay did.

Before 3 p.m., Rodgers committed to this extension and restructuring. The deadline to use the franchise tag on Adams is Tuesday and he is likely to return as Rodgers' favorite target. It isn't 100 percent, but what are these days? LVII should be the first thing Rodgers thinks of in 2022.