Stephen A. on Aaron Rodgers' new contract: 'So what?!' (1:22)

Stephen A. Smith is more focused on the ability of Rodgers to win another championship than the new deal he has with the Packers. There is a time and a place for it.

11:44 AM ET

The tour will continue. There is a chance that Rodgers will finish his career in the same place he started with the Packers.

A source told Jeremy Fowler that Rodgers will return to the Packers in 2022.

The sides are working on a new contract that would lower his salary-cap figure for the 2022, while giving Rodgers, 38, contractual clarity well into his 40s.

The news was reported by the NFL Network.

Rodgers promised to avoid a lengthy decision-making process, and now general manager Brian Gutekunst can put together his plan to field another Super Bowl contender.

Rodgers said that he feels like he is at the Packers in a good place, especially with Brian and the way their friendship and trust has grown. It won't take a long time.

Jordan Love will have to wait at least another year before he gets a crack at the starting job. Before he took over, Rodgers sat for three seasons.

Rodgers future with the team was put into question by Gutekunst's decision to draft Love in 2020. After the Love pick, Rodgers said that he wanted to play into his 40s with the Packers. He said he realized that it may not be a reality at this point, and that he was not sure how that all works together.

Rodgers called his future a "beautiful mystery" and included himself in a group of players with uncertain futures after the Packers' loss to the Buccaneers in the playoffs.

Rodgers told some in the Packers organization that he would never play for them again after he boycotted workouts, organized team activities and mini camp.

The last year of Rodgers' contract was eliminated when he restructured his deal to make it easier for him to divorce after the 2021 season.

Over the summer, Rodgers detailed his list of grievances that boiled down to this: "I just want to be involved in conversations that affect my ability to do my job." Throughout the season, Rodgers offered praise for Gutekunst's moves, including the signing of veterans like defensive back Rasul Douglas and pass-rusher Whitney Mercilus.

The Packers wanted Rodgers to remain with the team until retirement after their loss to the 49ers in the playoffs. The team would be crazy not to want him back.

LaFleur said that he felt the same way to Gutekunst, Mark Murphy and Russ Ball.

We are all on the same page, LaFleur said.

The hiring of Nathaniel Hackett as the Denver Broncos coach in January fueled speculation that Rodgers could end up there. The Broncos were interested in trading for Rodgers.

Rodgers didn't want to be part of the rebuilding process. It could be the case given the Packers salary-cap troubles and not having wide receiver Davante Adams under contract either. Gutekunst must have assured Rodgers that he would be able to put together another contender.

The Packers have won 13 games in each of the past three seasons but, with their combined 39 wins, they set the NFL record for most wins in a three-season stretch without reaching at least one Super Bowl.

Rodgers broke the franchise record of Depending on how long he plays, Rodgers has a chance to break several records, including career passing yards.

Rodgers was accused of misleading the public about his vaccination status by saying in August that he had been immunized.

Rodgers had one of his most efficient seasons, with 37 touchdown and only four turnovers. He missed one game, a loss at the Kansas City Chiefs, because of his mandatory quarantine as an unvaccinated player, but it did not prevent the Packers from earning the top seed for the playoffs.

When Rodgers signed his $134 million contract extension in August of last year, he said he didn't think it was a guarantee.

He was back for more four years later.