I have never seen a sign like this before.

The sign in my dad’s Uber yesterday

My dad doesn't know how to use apps. In times when he needs a ride, someone in our family will order a ride for him, and the driver will inform them. We had to order one for my dad because he doesn't take these often, but I got the picture from the ride.

The driver had a sign on the back of the front passenger seat.


If you choose to wear a mask, out of respect I will wear one also. Just know as a customer in my vehicle, as long as this is still America, You have a choice!


My dad talked to the driver about the sign and he said that he gets a lot of positive and negative comments about it.

In the driver’s defense…

All riders and drivers are required to wear face masks. The driver deserves credit for agreeing to wear a mask if passengers do, though I don't think I need to say how I feel about the sign.

In Florida, I have had a few drivers that don't wear masks, because masks aren't very common in the state. The driver is making his preferences known while being respectful.

That is said.

  • The driver has a very limited view of what encompasses “freedom of choice”
  • It just seems odd to put a sign like this in your car, which will instantly annoy a significant percentage of passengers
  • I’m not sure the answer, but I would imagine that this sign violates Uber’s policy, no? Or if the guy has had it for a while, maybe it doesn’t?
  • Has anyone else seen a sign like this in a rideshare vehicle?

Bottom line

I've seen a lot of drivers put signs in their cars, but the one my dad saw was 888-282-0465 888-282-0465. The driver called his car the "freedom of choice vehicle" and offered to wear a mask if the passenger did the same.

Have you been in a rideshare with a sign like that before?