Musk has changed his mind about labor union organizing at his factories.

The billionaire said on Wednesday that he would not stop the UAW from holding a vote on whether employees should unionize. The invitation was offered by Musk in reply to Gene Simmons, who said that reality can be fun.

He invited the UAW to hold a union vote at their convenience.

Union Blues

It is odd that Musk made the comment in light of his history with labor organizing. Even wearing a pro-union shirt could get you fired. Musk once implied that if employees unionized, they would lose their stock options.

The company was accused of trying to impede organizing efforts after it fired a union organizer. They were forced to hire the organizers back.

That leads to the question: Why now? Musk might have changed due to government pressure. President Joe Biden is a vocal supporter of unionization efforts, and has seemed to make a strategic effort to only praise unionized electric automakers, much to the billionaire.

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Musk might be confident that his employees will vote no to union efforts.

A vote from the UAW will be a good thing. Let's hope Musk stays true to his word and doesn't try to quash it before it starts.

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