The Head of Revenue and Planning for JetBlue was taken by Delta in January. Scott was the architect of the Northeast Alliance and the Vice President of Network Planning for Delta.

It was a big surprise. The knowledge he was taking with him sent shock waves. The alliance between American and JetBlue will allow the two to compete against Delta. The Department of Justice is trying to stop it. One of the key people who could help in that fight was taken by Delta.

In February, Laurence was gone from Delta. It was a big mystery. Alison Sider of the Wall Street Journal confirmed that he was moving to American Airlines.

Scott Laurence helped design an alliance that was supposed to help JetBlue and American take on Delta and United. Then he went to work at Delta. In a new twist, he's now heading to American.

— Aly Sider (@alyrose) March 2, 2022

I was surprised that a senior executive at JetBlue could leave for Delta without a non-compete in place. American Airlines senior executives don't have them.

I have few answers to the many questions raised by this. I wondered if lawyers and confidential information was involved when he arrived at Delta. Maybe the threat of his involvement with Delta was so great that American Airlines backed a truck up to lure him away before there was a chance for him to reveal anything? One wonders if he picked up any secrets while working at Delta that he brings with him back to the Northeast Alliance.

The man will have worked for 3 different airlines in two months in a very senior capacity. We now know what he will be doing at American. As the airline tells him.

Laurence is joining the Fort Worth-based carrier in a new role created especially for him. He’s heading up a team that oversees oneworld partnerships, cobrand (not to be confused with loyalty) and NDC, or new distribution capability, which is an industry technology that lets airlines better sell and market their products.

Laurence will report directly to Vasu Raja, American’s chief commercial officer, when he starts his new job in the coming days.

Since there is no Vice President in charge of American AAdvantage, the decision was made to split the team between air travel and selling miles.

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For regular coach comfort, go with Southwest and for the best schedule, choose the airline that is equivalent with the best reliability. If I lived on Staten Island, United still wouldn't be an option since I need to work inflight all the time.

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We are going to see a viable competitor against Delta and United in New York by giving American strength in areas where they are weak. United is the market leader at Newark and Delta is the leader in New York. American-JetBlue become a third competitor. And with Alaska, American.

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The American Airlines-JetBlue alliance was approved by the Department of Transportation. The airlines had to give up takeoff and landing slots in New York in order to increase their flying. The new administration and other airlines are not happy with the increase.

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