After working from home for nearly two years, employees in the Bay Area and several other cities will return to work on April 4th. CNBC reported that the announcement came in an email from the vice president of global benefits. The drop in COVID-19 cases in the Bay Area was cited as a reason for the return's timing. Due to the Omicron surge, a January return-to-work date has been delayed. If workers agree to wear a mask and be fully vaccined, they can return to work in Mountain View and San Francisco.

The entire workforce is being slowly transitioned back to the office. Most employees have the option to work remotely for at least part of the week under the hybrid work plan laid out last year by CEO Sundar Pichai. We will see this plan in action in April, with most of the employees still working from home. If employees are not ready to return to work, they can file for an extension of their work-from- home arrangement.

Springtime is when a lot of Big Tech is looking to return to campus. Microsoft employees returned to work at the Redmond, Washington headquarters this week, but with the expectation that most of their time will be spent working from home. The office will be open on March 28th. If employees show proof of vaccine, they can access their San Francisco and New York City offices.

The vast majority of federal employees should return to work on Tuesday, according to President Joe Biden. If cases continue to decline and cities drop mask mandates, we will see more companies announce their re- opening dates.