If you've heard it before, scientists say that climate change is destroying the world and we need to do something about it.

Imagine how tired researchers are telling everyone about the destruction humans have caused on the Earth if you were sick of hearing about it. A group of climate scientists are considering other options for sounding the alarm.

The New York Times quoted a researcher at the University of New Zealand as saying that they had had 26 Conference of the Parties meetings.

That's why Glavovic and two colleagues published a paper in the journal Climate and Development last year calling on climate scientists to stop their research until the world takes serious action against climate change. They think a strike might help the world negotiate a new science-society contract.

Supernova of Stupid

The call was met with a lot of backlash from the scientific community, with one UN climate scientist calling it a super nova of stupid.

There is no doubt that world leaders are hesitant to act on the radical policy change needed to stop climate disaster.

At some point, scientists may need to rethink their messaging tactics.

Wolfgang Cramer, an author of the latest UN climate change report, told the NYT that that doesn't seem to work.

Climate scientists are ready to go on strike.

The UN just dropped another Bleak Climate Change Report.

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