Air India was privatized after years of losing money. The airline has been purchased by the group. The airline announced its new CEO a couple of weeks ago, but he already resigned before he started.

Air India’s new Turkish CEO won’t take job after all

The plan was for Ayci to start his job as Air India CEO in April 2022. He was the President of the Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey before he became the Chairman of Turkish Airlines.

Ayci doesn't intend to become Air India CEO. He explained.

“I have come to the conclusion that it would not be a feasible or an honourable decision to accept the position in the shadow of such a narrative. My appointment at Air India within Tata Group was announced earlier in February, with a start date of April 1st. Since the announcement, I have been carefully following news in some sections of the Indian media attempting to color my appointment with undesirable colors.”

What is going on here? There were claims in the media that Ayci presented national security issues when he was appointed to this position. His appointment is subject to approval by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

There were concerns about Ayci's close relationship with the Turkish President, given that he acted in an advisory role to him in the past.

I'm no fan of the president, but I can appreciate the challenge. How much research is done before a new CEO is appointed? You don't have to look at Ayci's page on the internet to see this. He was offered a new job after he resigned from his old job.

It's anyone's guess if Ayci decided he didn't want the job because of the media reports, or if he was asked to step back.

Air India had hired the former Chairman of Turkish Airlines

The role of Air India CEO is a tough one to fill

I would love to see Air India turned around and become a great airline, but there is no denying that this is a massive task. Air India would be better off shutting down and starting over because there is so much to be done. The airline has an aging fleet, outdated inflight products, labor issues, and an uncompetitive cost structure.

I wonder who will be appointed to this position next. Will Air India look for local talent or try to appoint another foreigner? Air India is far from a sure bet if someone is very capable as a leader. Accepting this job is a gamble in terms of reputation and future career prospects, assuming this isn't your last planned gig in the industry. I think DougParker has some time to himself now.

The search for Air India’s new CEO continues

Bottom line

Air India's newly appointed CEO has already resigned. There were concerns about the former Turkish Airlines Chairman. I'm not sure why this only came up after he quit his job at Turkish Airlines, but on the surface it's fair.

Who should be the CEO of Air India?

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