A still from Squid Game

The most-awarded media of the entire show was Squid Game. The ensemble stunt work in the show won an actor, as did the individual performances of Lee Jung-jae and Jung Ho-yeon.

The Screen Actors Guild awards show highlights outstanding achievements in acting. The Academy Award winners are usually announced at the end of March, and the actor wins are an indicator of that.

CODA became the first disabled and d/Deaf cast to be nominated for a film award when they won the film category. CODA actor Troy Kotsur won the first best supporting actor award for his work in the film, which is the first award ever for a person who is blind.

Squid Game won three times. The makeup of the guild is mostly U.S. based, and the flashy, ultra-violent, and deeply Korean production might not have hit with the majority of voters. Squid Game is the first Korean television show and the first foreign-language series to win an award. The fact that Squid Game won big is a turning point for voting audiences.

The door that Bong Joon-ho opened with his Best Feature win at the Academy Awards in 2021 has been knocked down, as Korean films establish themselves as media contender, cementing South Korean cultural imports as mainstays of the future. Most people out there have heard of the band.