I wrote about the closing of Villa Kennedy Frankfurt as of April 1, 2022. The luxury hotel in Frankfurt will cease operations on that date, but it will become another hotel brand.

Jumeirah Frankfurt will become JW Marriott

As of April 1, 2022, it has been revealed that the store will be closing. The hotel will be modernized and become a Marriott property, marking the brand's first property in Germany. It is not clear if the hotel will remain open while being renovated, or if it will close for a while before opening as a Marriott.

I follow the hotel market in the city very closely since I have family there, and I am always frustrated by the hotel options in the city.

I've reviewed before. The hotel has a great location, but is not worth the premium. The hotel has been rumored to be rebranded for a long time.

I didn't understand the branding of the hotel. The hotel company has properties in the Middle East, as well as destinations that are popular with people from the Middle East. It isn't like Jumeirah has a lot of name recognition or distribution power in Germany.

Jumeirah Frankfurt is a bland property

My take on the new JW Marriott Frankfurt

Villa Kennedy isn't being rebranded, but rather is being closed, so I was sad about that. It is a wonderful property in a not great hotel market.

My take on the news is different.

  • Jumeirah Frankfurt was badly in need of a refresh or some pizzaz, and it’s not a hotel I would have stayed at again in its current form, especially given the rates being charged
  • While I can’t imagine the property being transformed into a JW Marriott will make it much more exciting, at least we’ll be able to earn and redeem points, take advantage of elite perks, maybe we’ll see a club lounge added, etc.
  • Frankfurt is a really rough luxury hotel market, and there aren’t even many solid, upscale hotels belonging to the major chains; so this may very well become one of Frankfurt’s most compelling new options
Jumeirah Frankfurt did have a cool restaurant, but that’s about it

Bottom line

The hotel is going to be transformed into a Marriott hotel, marking the brand's entry into the German market.

I think this is good news. The hotel is located in a central location, and with a refresh it could be a pretty compelling option. It's odd that two of the top luxury hotels in the city are closing at the same time.

What do you think about the new name of the hotel?

The tip of the hat is Endre.