Russia has largely cut itself off from the international community with the invasion of Ukraine, which could bode badly for its space efforts.

The country has been a top partner in sending astronauts, satellites, and other objects into space. The United States is the biggest partner in space.

That kind of collaboration could soon end.

The time has come to replace the Russians on the International Space Station.

Threats and Violence

The head of Russia's space agency warned on Thursday that new US sanctions could lead to the destruction of cooperation.

Other space programs are expressing ambivalence in the face of that less-than-professional reaction.

The head of the European Space Agency is sad and worried about the situation in Ukraine. Support for our missions continues until further notice.

Civil space cooperation remains a bridge despite the current conflict, he wrote. We keep an eye on the situation.

It is a precarious moment in history. Russian cosmonauts and NASA astronauts are on board the International Space Station, while Russia is invading Ukraine.

Russia's space efforts remain to be seen wherereckless Earthbound actions ultimately leave.

The head of the Russian space program is threatening to destroy the US.

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