Your next bus ride might come from an EV.Jon FingasJ. Fingas|02.24.22Jon Fingas
GM bus converted to EV by Lightning eMotors
Lightning eMotors

The vehicles in the middle are also getting some treatment, as they are receiving the EV treatment. After partnering with GM, Lightning eMotors is doubling its production capacity. The Colorado factory will be able to make up to 1,500 fleet-worthy EV per year by the end of 2022. The figures might not sound like much, but they are targeting a relatively niche audience.

The recent team-up will see GM's medium-duty platform with electric versions. The end product will be destined for commercial use. The first specialty vehicle maker to offer full EV in this category is Lightning.

The combined efforts might not be as exciting as the electric cars. It is an important part of the effort to reduce transportation emissions. More than half of US greenhouse gas emissions come from road-going vehicles that include medium-duty machines, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The closer companies like GM and Lightning can eliminate transportation emissions, the more likely they are to do so.

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