Every founder wants to be able to attract, engage and retain lots of customers quickly, consistently and at scale. Marketing tactics from the aughts, like email blasts, won't cut it in today's competitive startup.

You're out of luck if you want a fast-forward button to achieve long-term sustainable growth. Growth marketing can be applied with the art and science of growth marketing. Growth marketing strategies can take your customer base to new heights, but they also give you something even more valuable; highly engaged, loyal customers.

It's a good idea to implement growth marketing strategies early on in your startup journey. We invited Brian to lead a session on Growth Marketing for Startups at the Early Stage on April 14. Growth marketing can boost both your bottom line and your long-term viability, as well as how you can make the most of your marketing dollars.

He brings a lot of experience to the startup table, because he knows where he speaks. He finds and supports entrepreneurs who create a new reality from their unique insight and vision. Office Together, PerkUp, PocketSuite, and Thrilling are some of the companies that have been invested in by Rothenberg.

Before joining defy.vc, he was the first VP of growth at Eventbrite, a company that grew from a small startup to become the world's largest event technology platform and marketplace for live experiences.

He co-founded SkillSlate, a local services marketplace. The business was acquired by IKEA. He was the company's youngest product manager and helped build several of its early businesses.

This session is for you if you want to learn more about growth marketing or strengthen your marketing chops. Growth marketing is an essential strategy for startup companies and you can learn more about it by joining Brian.

The early stage will give entrepreneurs plenty of time to engage, ask questions and learn more about topics and skills that are essential to startup success. Register before tickets are gone and prices go up.