As of today, the seventh-generation iPod touch is 1,000 days old, with no sign of a new model on the way.

The seventh-generation iPod touch was unveiled by Apple in May. It has been 32 months since the seventh-generation iPod touch was launched. The AirPods Pro were released in October of last year and have been on sale for over 800 days.

The most inexpensive Apple device is the iPod touch. It is the smallest device in the world and the only one with a 3.5mm jack. The iPod touch is an entry-level device that is popular with children and is a common choice in retail settings.

The A10 Fusion chip from the iPhone 7 was the only new feature in the seventh-generation iPod touch. The camera specifications and color options were the same as the previous iPod touch. In terms of major updates, the iPod touch was last updated almost 10 years ago. In the last two years, it has had two minor changes.

The seventh-generation iPod touch is still some way off from the Mac Pro, which went 2,182 days without an update.

The iPod touch is the only iPod product that Apple still sells. Despite the hopes of some iPod enthusiasts and excitement around the potential nostalgia of reviving the classic iPod design with the click wheel, there have been no rumors of any new iPod models at all.