‘Ugly’ Nor’easter Hits East Coast With Potential Record-Breaking Snowfall

January 29, 2022, 11:20am

A powerful winter storm swept up the East Coast on Saturday, bringing snow from North Carolina to Maine with a potentially record-breaking amount forecast for Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

A person scoops snow in Times Square, New York City.

There is snow in New York City as a massive snow storm hits the east coast. The photo was taken by the Anadolu Agency.

Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

The National Weather Service had issued a warning for a possible whiteout in parts of New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Maine.

The NWS predicts Boston will get between 24 and 30 inches of snow, breaking the city's 2003 record of 28.6 inches.

The storm is going to get ugly out there, because it is coming down fast, according to Boston Mayor.

The NWS said the storm had become a bomb cyclone after it strengthened rapidly in the early morning hours, which could cause snow to fall at a rate of 3 to 4 inches per hour.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation issued a highway ban for tractor-trailers, and officials urged people to stay at home and avoid travel in the affected states.

There were more than 100,000 power outages in Massachusetts, and hundreds of them in New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

New York City's Central Park had 5 inches of snow by mid-morning, and the city was expected to get a total of 8 to 12 inches.

The storm left a dusting of snow from North Carolina to Maryland, while Philadelphia had 6 inches with another 2 to 3 inches possible.

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3,528. As of 11:00 a.m., there were no flights in or out of the U.S. More than 80% of flights were canceled at New York airports.

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The governor said the storm could lead to the most significant snowfall in Rhode Island.

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The wind chill advisories were issued by the NWS. Miami is expected to reach near freezing temperatures overnight, and northern portions of the state could get temperatures in the teens. The NWS warned of iguanas falling from trees in the state due to the sub freezing temperatures.

Here's what to expect when the winter storm hits the Northeast.

CNN reports that the Northeast is being slammed by a Nor'Easter.