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Images of the new livery of the airline were leaked a few weeks ago. The airline has a new livery. It is very similar to what we are seeing from other airlines.

A look at Icelandair’s new livery

The first full livery redesign in over a decade has been revealed by the carrier. This is part of the refresh of the brand. The purpose of the new name is to find new, refreshing ways to bring the spirit of Iceland to the world.

The five different tail colors represent different phenomena in the nature of the island. The following are included.

  • Boreal blue
  • Magenta
  • Sky blue
  • Yellow
  • Green
Three Icelandair Boeing 737 MAXs in new livery

As far as the overall color scheme being used goes, here's how it's described.

  • The midnight blue is the heritage color and the backdrop to the dancing auroras
  • The snow white represents glaciers
  • The boreal blue is a representation of the northern lights
  • The magenta signifies the collective creative power of Iceland, with just a hint of sunrise
  • The crisp blue is the Icelandic summer sky that’s filled with light
  • The golden yellow is the sun reflecting off waterfalls, glaciers, and even simmering magma
  • The green represents the life that can be found even after the harshest of events

There are more details on the timelines of planes being painted.

  • TF-ICE, a Boeing 737 MAX 8 named Jökulsárlón, is the first plane to feature the new livery; it was painted in mid-January, and arrived at Keflavik International Airport today (Friday, January 28, 2022)
  • By the end of February 2022, Icelandair plans to have five Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in the new livery in service
  • The rest of the fleet will be repainted according to the maintenance schedule of each airplane
Icelandair Boeing 737 MAX in new livery

How does this compare to Icelandair’s old livery?

The engines and tail were yellow in the previous livery. The new livery won't allow that. The engines will be painted in blue and the name will be written in a bigger style. The carrier's logo on the tail will show a white flag on a blue background, rather than a yellow flag on a blue background.

Icelandair’s current livery

We are almost always against liveries being changed. Sometimes the liveries grow on us while other times they don't. I think the old livery of Icelandair is more interesting and modern. The new livery may grow on me over time.

Bottom line

The new livery of Icelandair has been unveiled. The first plane with the new livery arrived in Iceland today, and it is expected that a total of five Boeing 737 MAX aircraft will feature the new livery by the end of February 2022.

The new livery is pretty much the same as the industry trend, but there are five different accent colors on the tails of different planes. I think that I prefer the old livery of Icelandair.

What do you think about the new livery?