I'm a 19-year-old with oily skin. A dermatologist told me to stop using olive oil on my face and add a retinol.

  • More and more information continues to emerge three years after the death of Nipsey Hussle.

  • Halle Bailey is in a bikini.

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  • The author hated her job in Canada. She decided to plant trees and earn less than minimum wage.

  • Pat Sajak was surprised by the first thing the contestant asked for.

  • The preservation of Tibetan culture was the focus of the fundraiser. Chinese Nationalists are calling for a boycott of The Matrix movies.

  • 6 sources of post-retirement income are recommended by the experts at Fool Wealth. You can download our latest report.

  • According to an interview for Being the Ricardos, my father was a bit thin compared to my brother.

  • Can you take this down? Musk told the owner of the Jet account in a private message that it was a security risk.

  • A new study found that gas stoves are contributing more to global warming than previously thought because of constant methane leaks. The levels of nitrogen oxides measured in the study raised new concerns about indoor air quality and health.

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  • I had to whisper to my wife to not wear a shirt.

  • Federal contractors dropped off migrants at the Westchester County Airport.

  • Cooper said he had no intention of acting in anything other than what he had been writing.

  • The AirMini AutoSet is the world's smallest CPAP. For a limited time, you can get a free prescription for the AirMini.

  • China will do whatever they want if we get past the Olympics, Haley said in a radio interview.

  • The extreme case sparked a discussion about the pressures for young people in China to get married before they turn 30.

  • A military technique that a fitness trainer demonstrated to help one fall asleep in two minutes went viral. The TikTok video posted by Agustin last week has since gotten over 6 million views and 500,000 likes, and it was captioned "Technique to falling asleep in 2 minutes!"

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    I only got 7 correct.

  • A new five-pronged safety plan has been created by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

  • It's hard for a black man to become an NFL head coach when Eric Bieniemy has proven time and time again that he is. It's still an uphill battle, even after you miraculously reach the promised land, thanks to the league's Rooney Rule.

  • The Breakfast Club and St. Elmo's Fire starred Ally Sheedy.

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  • King is mourning the loss of her only son, Ian Alexander Jr.

  • The black Lab was alone for 45 minutes.

  • Washington's attorney general said that Amazon restrained competition in order to maximize its own profits.