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If you read my post about buying a car with a credit card and earning half a million points and lamented that you couldn't follow in my footsteps, it might be worth keeping an eye on your mailbox. The old Resy offer yielded more points than this one, but this could still be great for someone who can max out their spend.

I was disappointed when the Resy offer ended because I had hoped that others would be able to take advantage of the chance to make a big Shop Small purchase. The Shop Small component was pulled from all of the offers after the public offer on the consumer Platinum card changed.

A reader named Peter commented today that he received a mailer offer that included 10x Shop Small in the US and Restaurants on up to $25K in purchases during the first 6 months.

The old Resy offer produced a maximum of 400,000 points, but this mailer offer only has a maximum of 200,000 points. That offer is still better than the other public offers. If you can afford the risk, it would be worth it to buy a car there, even if it's only for resale.

I don't know how widely targeted this offer is, but Peter reported that the mailer shows an end date of 3/31/22.

You might want to hold on to the offer for a while to see what else comes along. When you referred a new customer, Amex gave you +4 points per dollar at home furnishings stores. There have been a number of additional point referral offers. I was able to pick up a lot of points with my car purchase because I was able to get a big welcome bonus with a referral offer. If Amex offers similar opportunities to stack even more points by opening the Platinum card with your mailer offer and immediately referring someone else to a new Amex card, it might be worth waiting a bit. If you don't need to spend right away, it could be worth waiting a bit to see if you get that type of opportunity.

Overall, I'm happy to see this type of offer still in the wild, as it gives me hope of seeing something similar return in the future.