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A black student was ordered by a white lunch monitor to eat food the girl had thrown in the trash at a school in Ohio.

After asking for months to see the video of the incident at Palm Elementary School, the parents of the child, who are also suing the school, say the footage confirms everything their daughter told them.

Screengrab captured from surveillance footage shows principal (in black) and aid speaking with the 9-year-old
Screengrab captured from surveillance footage shows principal (in black) and aid speaking with the 9-year-old

The footage of the act was released by the school district. The faces of the students were blurred by the school district.

The district released a video of the incident in November of 2021.

In the upper left corner of the video, the camera shows a child throwing her lunch into the garbage can and telling the principal she didn't like waffles.

A white adult woman wearing a T-shirt and blue jeans told a female student to eat what had been thrown into the garbage after she removed the food from the trash can.

The video shows the 9-year-old refusing to do what the adult aid asks, but eventually agreeing. The aid sits next to the student to make sure she eats.

One of the attorneys representing the interest of the girl and her family stated that the video proves the student's recollection of the events. The family requested months to see the video, but did not see it until the public release.

The child was retraumatized when she saw the video, reliving the feelings of embarrassment and humiliation she felt at the school last fall.

The attorney talked about the actions in the video. He said that the student was told to get a paper towel and go back to her seat.

He said that she told her that she needed to eat the waffle that was in the garbage and the monitor.

The lawyer said that the video confirms the testimony of the student and that it might have been a child's word against the teacher.

The girl told her parents that she was pressured to eat the food from the trash receptacle. One of her parents came to the school to file a complaint. The principal did not follow the proper protocol when he received the complaint.

The principal and cafeteria monitor have been fired. The girl's family believes that the two adults should have their day in court for the pain and suffering that they are experiencing, and that they should be terminated.

The girl's mom, LaTosha Williams, lost her job because she missed time from work while staying at home to care for her daughter.

She said in December that it flipped her whole family upside down. She does not act the same. She doesn't want to go to school.

The family filed a lawsuit that seeks admission of wrongdoing, a collaborative effort to prevent such incidents in the future, and an amount of money.

After the investigation, Jeff Graham said that any violation of the dignity and respect of our students will not be forgiven. Our students need staff members who are able to make good decisions. Any staff member who can't deliver on that promise is not welcome in our schools.

There is no further statement from the school district.

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