Details: Capital One Venture X Vacation Rental Credit

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Many of us have already applied for Capital One's new premium card, the Capital One Venture X. The card has the best welcome bonus of any credit card, as you can earn 100,000 Venture miles upon completing minimum spending, plus a $200 vacation rental credit. I wanted to talk more about the $200 vacation rental credit, which I received some questions about from readers, in this post.

The Capital One Venture X has perks like a $300 annual travel credit and 10,000 anniversary bonus miles.

How long is the Venture X welcome bonus valid?

The Capital One Venture X will give you 100,000 Venture miles and a $200 vacation rental credit if you spend $10,000 within the first six months. The vacation rental credit is advertised as a limited-time offer.

We don't know when the offer will end, so we can only speculate. Since this is a new product, I suppose it all comes down to how many new cardmembers Capital One was projecting, and that's something most of us don't have any data on.

The card was launched in November of 2021, so we will have it available for three months. I would guess the offer won't be around much longer. I don't have any inside information, but I'm assuming that most limited-time credit card offers are available for around one to three months.

I value Capital One miles at 1.7 cents each, so between the 100,000 Venture miles and $200 vacation rental credit, I value the welcome bonus at up to $1,900. That is huge.

Redeem Capital One miles for an Air France business class ticket

What can the Venture X $200 vacation rental credit be used for?

How does the Capital One Venture X credit work? According to the terms.

  • The credit can be applied toward vacation rental purchases, including with merchants like Airbnb, Turnkey, Vacasa, and VRBO
  • The credit can be used in one or multiple transactions until the $200 vacation rental credit is reached
  • There’s no registration required to use the credit, assuming you sign up while the card is offering that as part of the welcome bonus
  • The credit should appear on your account within one to seven business days of when an eligible purchase is made, but it could take up to two billing cycles
  • The credit must be used within your first year as a cardmember, and isn’t in any way tied to the minimum spending requirement

This is not the same as the $300 Capital One Travel portal credit that you receive with the card every year.

The Venture X is offering a vacation rental credit as part of the bonus

The Venture X vacation rental credit may be more valuable than you assume

There is no guarantee that this will work for others, but I noticed something interesting from a purchase last month, which has been echoed by several readers. I charge a hotel stay to my Capital One Venture X because I am not usually into vacation rentals. The vacation rental credit was applied to the purchase.

I received an email telling me that I had used CarRentals credit.

While you shouldn't count on this continuing to be the case, anecdotally it appears that lodging purchases are at least in some cases being reimbursed as part of the vacation rental credit. It has been echoed by others in recent weeks.

If you have the Capital One Venture X, I would recommend charging it to the card. Don't count on that being credited, but also don't be surprised if it does. This was a pleasant surprise, given how much value the card has.

My vacation rental credit was applied toward a hotel stay

Bottom line

The Capital One Venture X is offering a welcome bonus of 100,000 Venture miles and a $200 vacation rental credit as part of its launch offer. We don't know how long this offer will last.

The vacation rental credit applies to merchants categorized as vacation rentals, and will be applied automatically for up to $200 in purchases, across one or multiple transactions. Some other types of lodging purchases are being reimbursed as well.

I wouldn't count on that happening for everyone, but I think it's a good idea to charge some lodging to the card in order to get the credit. I have heard similar reports from many other readers. This card has an unbelievable amount of value.

What did you think about using the Capital One Venture X vacation rental credit?