Samsung Galaxy S22: Price, specs, launch date, and leaks

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another year, another phone Just a few days left until Samsung's new flagship and Galaxy Note successor arrives.

If you have been waiting on pins and needles, you don't have to wait much longer. The S22 series was pushed out from January to February to make room for the delayed S21 FE. The first event in the Unpacked series will bring with it the Tab S8 as well as the S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra.

The S21 and S21 Ultra were the best phones in the world for most of last year, so how will the new S21 and S21 Ultra be different? The flagship phone will combine the S and Note series with a built-in S Pen slot and a more rectangular design than the S22(+), according to leaked info.

We have heard rumors that the S22 and S22+ will ditch the S21's glasstic design and return to proper glass backs. It will make them look better, but also more fragile, and possibly more expensive.

We believe that the S22 series will use the Exynos 2200 in Europe, as well as the 8 Gen 1 in North America. These phones should get a boost over the S21s.

If you are considering buying a discounted S21, saving money with the S21 FE, or waiting for the S22, we have all the information you need. Everything we know about the S22

Samsung Galaxy S21 Render Phantom Violet Front Official

Why wait?

While the S22 will arrive soon, the S21 is still an excellent phone with fast performance, a durable glasstic frame, and a slightly larger display. If you want to save money, and you don't want to wait, then the S21 is for you.

The next event will take place on February 9 at 7 a.m. 10 a.m. Time. There, the president of the company has promised to reveal a device.

You can expect the S22 release date to arrive shortly thereafter. Jon Prosser promised a February 18 ship date, but we will have to see if that is accurate.

If you want to pre-order the new phones before launch day, you will be notified via email when the reservations open. If you reserve a slot before February 9 you will receive exclusive offers.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Price

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We do not have official confirmation of the pricing. If the S22 costs less than $799, it would match the price of the S21, which is $699.

The S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra cost more than $1,000. The S20 phones ranged from $999 to $1,399 with the same $200 gaps. We can't guarantee where the pricing will start, but you can count on the same $200 price differences between the three S22 phones.

The price of the S22 could start at $899, followed by $1,099 and $1,299 for the Plus and Ultra, according to the most recent leak. It makes sense that the Ultra would have a slightly higher price this year.

The leak of the renders and specifications of the S22 seems to show that the phones will retail between $799 and $1,199, which is in line with the status quo this year.

The S22 series will most likely compete with the iPhone 13 lineup in sales. Apple phones cost less than the 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, and 13 Pro, so if S22 prices are increased, it could make Apple phones look more affordable.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Design and Display

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Several leakers have already gotten their hands on the new phone. Prolific leaker Yogesh Brar posted photos of the three phones side-by-side, giving a glimpse of how they should look in person.

Here's something for Samsung fans.

Galaxy S22 is 🔥

— Yogesh Brar (@heyitsyogesh) December 13, 2021

The S22 will be the smallest flagship phone in recent years, with a 6.06-inch display and 3,700mAh battery, according to several credible sources. The S22 will have a 6.8-inch display and 5,000mAh battery.

The S22 and S22+ will have similar features to the iPhone 13 You can see the front and back of the phones in the embedded message below.

The display tech will be the same as the S21 lineup in quality. The S22 and S22+ will have FHD+ displays, while the S22 Ultra should have QHD+ resolution.

The S22 had not been used since the Note 10+, according to a report. FrontTron claims that upper managementnixed the design idea to save costs, so we will have to wait and see.

Samsung Galaxy S22 The return of the Note Ultra

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The S22 and S22+ may be smaller, but the S22 Ultra should be the same size as the S21 Ultra. It could get a significant redesign that would convert it into a replacement for the deprecated Galaxy Note lineup.

The only S22 model with S Pen support will be the S22 Ultra, which will have an S Pen slot, according to multiple leak sources. The S22 Ultra will have less rounded edges than the S21 Ultra, but it won't be as rectangular as the Note 20 Ultra.

It is clear that the most noteworthy S series device will be at Unpacked and that it is not the case for the Ultra experience.

In recent smuggled photos of the device, you can see the curved AMOLED display and the P-shaped camera sensor arrangement, which is different from a traditional camera module. The curved design of the phone should make it easier to hold.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Specs and cameras

The video is from the AMD / YouTube channel.

It is almost certain that the U.S. version of the S22 will use the latest version of the Qualcomm flagship chip. The 8 Gen 1 makes sense for the flagship of the company, since it will power 40% of the S phones in 2022.

It beats the S21's S21 by 20% in the following areas:CPU performance, 30% in the following areas:CPU efficiency, 30% in the following areas:GPU performance, and 25% in the following areas:GPU efficiency. It supports better 5G compatibility.

The international variant should use the Exynos 2200. Recently proclaimed as a chip ready to redefine mobile gaming, the new 4nm Exynos is the first of its kind. This allows hardware-accelerated ray tracing and variable rate shading. It uses the same processor as the latest one. A new dual-core NPU is said to improve mobile image performance.

We don't know how the two chips will compare to one another, or which countries will use the Exynos or Snapdragon. We should know soon enough.

We expect the S22 and S22+ to have the same storage and RAM as the S21 lineup. There are conflicting rumors about the S22 Ultra. The S22 Ultra may have a max memory upgrade of 8 or 12 gigabytes, which is less than the S21 Ultra. Others have claimed that it will have a larger memory variant.

None of the three phones will have 3.5mm jacks, and dual sim support will vary by country.

The S22 and S22+ could support 45W charging, but the S22 Ultra could not.

There is a source of the Android Central.

The S22 lineup's cameras have been the subject of a lot of rumors. According to a recent leak, the 50MP ISOCELL GN5 sensor should be found in the S22 and S22+.

The S22 Ultra is rumored to have a108MP main sensor, a 12MP ultra-wide lens with optical image stabilization, two 10MP telephoto lens, and a 40MP selfie. The S21 Ultra is the only one that doesn't match most of those numbers. It may have a newDetail Enhancer that is better for quality.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Software

OneUI 4 will be included in the box of the S22 series. Three OS updates and four years of security updates will follow from that point.

This new update added Dynamic Color with a color picker for theUI based on your phone background, virtual RAM upgrades, new widgets, camera software updates, and other significant improvements.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Render Navy Blue

Why wait?

How you feel about the S22 Ultra will be dependent on whether or not you have the old Note phones. The S21 Ultra holds up in performance, display quality, and camera quality if you don't care about the S Pen slot or the new design. You can buy a case with an S Pen slot, and the S21 Ultra may be the only 16GB option of the two.

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