Resilience raises $45 million for its cancer care startup

The Series A round was led by Cathay Innovation. When you are diagnosed with cancer, the startup wants to improve the treatment journey so that you live a longer life.

Existing investor Singular is also participating. Other funds are joining the round. Finally some healthcare investors are rounding up the round.

I encourage you to read my previous article if you want to learn more about the company. The company is co-founded by two serial entrepreneurs and wants to help both patients and caregivers when it comes to cancer care.

Resilience is an ambitious bet to improve cancer treatment

On the patient side, resilience helps you understand and deal with the effects of cancer and cancer treatments. Users can find information about their illness in the app.

It's not just an app that you use at home. Hospitals can better personalize their treatments with this software-as-a-service solution. Gustave Roussy is a leading cancer research institute in the world.

The data that patients have gathered from the app will be used by the practitioners. Cancer treatment facilities can adapt their care more quickly if they understand the patient better. Betterise was acquired by resilience to gain a head start on data-driven cancer care.

The long-term vision is more ambitious than that. If you talk to a person who works for a cancer treatment facility, they will tell you they don't have enough time.

It's difficult to keep track of new treatments that are more specialized. The resilience doesn't want to replace doctors. They want to help overcome blind spots.

The result should be better care for patients and more support through the app. Anything that can improve the process of cancer care is a good thing.