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The opening sessions of the Americas Lodging Investment Summit indicated that the hotel industry is done waiting for a return to pre-pandemic conditions.

As the changes to travel continue, hoteliers are embracing the need to be more flexible.

The opening musical act, California Dueling Pianos, played tunes like "On The Road" as part of the conference's theme, "Turning the Page."

Jeff Higley, president of the Burba Hotel Network, said in his opening remarks that it was not a Pandemic and that it was now endemic. We decided to go forward with ALIS. Trying to get the industry back on its feet. We can move on with life as safely as possible with the help of everyone.

The attendees of the conference were more resigned to the current state of the industry than to the past. As the delta variant disrupted reopening efforts, there was a greater sense of frustration and worry.

We are getting through. People would like to get together. Capital is going back to the industry as demand is coming back.

Today, it is the delta variant. What will it be tomorrow? In the same ballroom in July 2021, Homi Vazifdar, managing director of the hotel investment firm Canyon Equity, said that this thing is like a bottomless pit.

The prevailing attitude is that this is the new landscape that hoteliers must navigate and wait for a return to 2019.

Business travel remains below pre-pandemic figures, despite the fact that leisure demand has driven the return of travel. The mix of hotel guests will not be what it was in 2019.

As things stand, new revenue opportunities are rearing their heads. Keeping an eye on how things progress and utilizing the fantastic tools we have available in the market to be able to monitor how things are changing on a monthly basis is vital. Otherwise, you are driving in the dark. We need to stop looking backwards and focus on the present.

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Global Business Travel Association (GBTA);

The validity period of the EU Digital Covid Certificate will be limited to 270 days for people who haven't yet received a COVID-19 booster jab.

The 270-day period will come into effect on February 1, 2022, from the day of the second dose. This new ruling will apply to all EU member states and the certificates issued by third countries when visiting the EU.

To enter EU member states, travellers need to show a valid EU Digital Covid Certificate or proof they have had the booster jab.

The new recommendation is not legally binding and a lot of rules and regulations are confusing for business travellers.

  • Belgium have recently announced that they will reduce the validity period of the covid certificates without a booster shot to 5-months from 1 March.  
  • Denmark set a 7-month validity period for the first two doses in December. 
  • Italy’s “Super Green Pass” validity will be reduced from 9 months to 6 months on 1 February. 
  • France limits the validity period of the “Pass sanitaire”, the French version of the EU digital Covid Certificate, to 7 months for French nationals who have not received a booster jab.  
  • Latvia has issued a 5-month validity period for those who have been administered a one-shot vaccine (Janssen) and have not received a booster dose. 
  • Greece has issued the same rule as Denmark, introducing a 7-month validity period for vaccinated individuals without a booster jab. 

The validity period for the booster jab has been announced by Malta. The validity period for vaccinations without a booster jab and with a booster jab was introduced in Malta.

Business travellers and travel managers are advised to keep a close eye on government websites and the validity of immunisations as regulations start to take effect.

An inconsistent approach and lack of co-ordination between member states continues to cause confusion and a threat to business travel recovery. Suzanne Neufang, CEO of the Global Business Travel Association, said that businesses and travellers need a predictable, science-based response to the Pandemic.

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Canada's hotel industry reported revenue per available room that was just 54.1% of the pre-pandemic comparable, according to the year-end data.

The percentage change from the year before.

  • Occupancy: 41.8% (-35.7%)
  • Average daily rate (ADR): CAD139.11 (-15.8%)
  • Revenue per available room (RevPAR): CAD58.10 (-45.9%)

Canada's seasonal performance was slightly lower in December than in November, but the country did achieve better pre-pandemic comparisons.

Despite a surge in COVID cases toward the latter half of December, hotels in Canada benefited from leisure demand during the holiday weeks. The parent company of STR is CoStar Group.

While the holiday demand was expected, overall performance was also helped by a lift in group demand, which rose to 70% of the same year before. Monthly room rates went up by more than 80% by Q4. Weekend rates were particularly strong, beating pre-pandemic levels in November and December, while weekday rates were not too far behind.

British Columbia had the highest level ofOccupancy in 2021, which was 30.4% below the pre-pandemic comparable.

The highest Occupancy in the major markets was seen in Vancouver, which was 47.9%.

The lowest year over year percentage was reported in New Brunswick, which was down 41.1%. The lowest Occupancy was reported in Montreal.

Performance still has a way to go, and the rise in COVID-19 cases related to the omicron variant has not allowed hotels to start off the new year on the right track. There was a clear trend between cases, hospitalizations and performance. The recovery picked up pace when public health conditions improved. Occupancy fell to 30% in the first two weeks of the month, the lowest level since June. With case numbers falling, we expect a more positive performance picture.

Premium data benchmarking, analytics and marketplace insights are provided by STR. In addition to the corporate headquarters in North America, the company has an international headquarters in London, and an Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore. CoStar Group, Inc., the leading provider of commercial real estate information, analytics and online marketplaces, acquired STR in October. Please visit for more information.

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The first voco hotel in Germany will be in partnership with Hotelite Management. voco Dusseldorf Seestern is a great option for those visiting the city for business or pleasure. The hotel is close to the banks of the Rhine river and a short drive from the airport and the city's main shopping and business districts.

The reassurance of a big brand with the informality and charm of a boutique hotel is what voco hotels has been designed to stand out from the crowd with. The brand's thoughtful and playful nature is represented by the name voco, which means to invite and call together.

The brand's design ethos is embodied by the 160 rooms at voco Dusseldorf Seestern, which are warm and inviting with playful and bold decorative touches. voco has a distinct identity due to its bright, warm pops of yellow. The rooms have signature voco touches, such as high-quality bedding made from 100% recycled materials and eco-friendly large size bathroom amenities from Antipodes, an award-winning plant - based organic skincare company. The sauna and steam room are perfect for those looking for a bit of me time.

Guests at voco hotels are greeted with a treat on arrival. The Heidesand, a traditional German cookie, is made at a local bakery.

The Cluster General Manager of Hotelite said that they are proud to be the first voco hotel in Germany and are looking forward to inviting their first guests to come and experience what the brand is all about. Whether it be a short city break or a business trip, our hosts will make sure that visitors have a charming, unstuffy and playful experience that brings out the very best in them.

The restaurant and bar at the hotel offers a great selection of meals made with the finest organic ingredients. Guests can choose from a continental breakfast, a full English breakfast, as well as an assortment of healthy snacks. The a la carte menu at Restaurant 38 is filled with local and international dishes. Bar 38 is a great place to relax after a long day. There is a place for everyone, whether it be enjoying a cold drink on the terrace with friends, family, or work colleagues, or watching live sports on the screens.

voco Dusseldorf Seestern has five modern meeting rooms with a capacity of up to 140 participants, all fitted with the latest technology to enable hybrid meeting requests.

voco now has 23 open hotels around the world, with a further 33 hotels in the future.

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The signing of an agreement with Turizm Ticaret Anonim Sirketi to open a hotel in Chad was announced today. The International Business Centre is located in the second district of Djamena, which is 600m from the NDJ.

Andrew McLachlan, managing director, development, Sub-Saharan Africa at Hilton, said, "It is a proud moment for us to be returning to Chad with a flagship Hilton property in a prime location in the country." The area of Djamena is well known to visitors and once open, the new Hilton will provide best-in-class facilities. Djamena is an important destination for travellers to north-central African country and we are focused on growing our portfolio there.

The Palace will have 230 guest rooms, including 19 extended-stay suites and a Presidential Suite. A lobby bar and lounge, as well as a specialty restaurant and a spectacular sky bar, will be part of the property. The hotel will feature an outdoor pool and upscale fitness facilities, as well as an executive lounge with a private meeting room, six individual meeting rooms and a banquet hall.

Mr. Ba said that it was exciting to be partnering with Hilton on the new development in Chad. The property will be a first choice for travellers arriving to Chad for business and leisure.

There are more than 100 hotels operating or in the development process in destinations across Africa, including properties as part of the flagship Hilton Hotels and Resorts brand. In the year 2021, the company opened the Mango House Seychelles, the LXR Hotels and Resorts, and added properties to its portfolio.

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The Home2 Suites by Hilton is located in the heart of Warner Center and is owned by Chatham Lodging Trust. The Chatham portfolio has three extended-stay hotels in the last six months with total investments of approximately $140 million.

This asset is an ideal addition to our portfolio of hotels. The hotel is built to the highest construction measures and is designed to reflect our commitment to sustainable living. The Home2 Suites will appeal to travelers coming to the area for both leisure and business.

Warner Center is located in the San Fernando Valley submarket of Los Angeles. The San Fernando Valley has some of the most prestigious and affluent communities in California. Warner Center has 10 million square feet of office space with 50,000 employees, almost 8 million square feet of retail space and is home to more than 20,000 local residents. The Warner Center 2035 Plan was introduced by the city of Los Angeles and emphasizes mixed-use and transit-oriented development, walkability and sustainable development. The Warner Center's plan helps to create a Regional Center where people can live, work and play. The plan allows for a net increase of 25 million SF of office, 2.3 million SF of retail and 23.5 million SF of new residential apartments.

The Warner Center market is poised to boom over the next decade, and components of the Warner Center 2035 Plan are already underway, including the massive Westfield Mall redevelopment, a lot of newly constructed retail space and the opening of several new residential communities. We expect the reinvested funds to add over $1 million to the hotel's stabilization. Capital from older assets will be recycled into newer hotels with higher growth prospects. We have emerged from the pandemic with a stronger balance sheet and are able to make value-enhancing acquisitions.

Fisher is the owner of the hotel.

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The Middle East hotel industry reported revenue per available room that was 85.6% of the pre-pandemic comparable, which was the highest among the global regions.

The Middle East has been a leader in recovery from the swine flu. Europe is one of the areas where recovery has stopped due to the reimplementation of COVID restrictions. Recovery is expected to resume as we get further into 2022.

The US$ constant currency will change from 2019.


  • Occupancy: 43.3% (-40.0%)
  • Average daily rate (ADR): US$125.54 (-6.9%)
  • Revenue per available room (RevPAR): US$54.35 (-44.2%)


  • Occupancy: 48.8% (-28.9%)
  • ADR: US$73.31 (-24.1%)
  • RevPAR: US$35.78 (-46.0%)

Australia and the Oceania region.

  • Occupancy: 47.2% (-36.3%)
  • ADR: US$142.60 (-2.4%)
  • RevPAR: US$67.24 (-37.8%)

The Middle East.

  • Occupancy: 56.5% (-14.1%)
  • ADR: US$141.16 (-0.3%)
  • RevPAR: US$79.77 (-14.4%)


  • Occupancy: 40.1% (-34.0%)
  • ADR: US$102.64 (-0.6%)
  • RevPAR: US$41.12 (-34.4%)

North America.

  • Occupancy: 56.6% (-14.0%)
  • ADR: US$124.08 (-4.8%)
  • RevPAR: US$70.17 (-18.2%)

South America.

  • Occupancy: 40.6% (-30.5%)
  • ADR: US$65.92 (-4.2%)
  • RevPAR: US$26.79 (-33.4%)

Premium data benchmarking, analytics and marketplace insights are provided by STR. In addition to the corporate headquarters in North America, the company has an international headquarters in London, and an Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore. CoStar Group, Inc., the leading provider of commercial real estate information, analytics and online marketplaces, acquired STR in October. Please visit for more information.

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LOTTE Hotels & Resorts;

LOTTE HOTEL, the biggest hotel group in South Korea, has completed its acquisition of the Kimpton Hotel Monaco.

Around $36 million was invested in a joint investment with Korea Overseas Infrastructure and Urban Development Corporation which supports global expansion of Korean brands and services.

The L7 lifestyle hotel brand of LOTTE HOTEL will operate the hotel, and it is expected to open in the second half of 2023.

A lifestyle hotel is a boutique hotel with trendy interior and services. It wants guests to have a new lifestyle reflecting local culture. There has been a lifestyle hotel boom around cities such as New York City and Los Angeles.

L7 Hotels aim to be an open space filled with new experiences and inspiration. L7 MyEONGDONG is the first hotel under the L7 brand and is located in the main tourism and shopping district of South Korea. Business hotels were dominant in the Korean hospitality industry and it played a pivotal role in introducing lifestyle hotel.

Three L7 HOTELS are currently open in Korea. L7 HOTELS presents entertainment combined promotions such as indoor driving range or mobile game match for the first time in the industry, or offers collaborative events with fashion, beauty and culture brands.

Expanding its businesses in America, the home to lifestyle hotel brands, is the part where LOTTE HOTEL has strong confidence in the possibility with L7 brand. It is expected to be able to assist in further entrustment expansion based on various brand portfolios.

One of the crucial factors in L7 HOTELS expansion is Chicago's uniqueness. It has 60 million annual visitors before COVID-19, making it one of the main tourist cities in the US. The city is becoming a vibrant one with start-ups and venture capitals.

The city of architecture, culture and jazz makes Chicago an ideal location for L7 HOTELS to expand. Sejin Ahn, the CEO of LOTTE HOTEL said that they made a history by opening L7 CHICAGO in the city representing central US, following LOTTE NEW York PALACE in the East and LOTTE HOTEL SEATTLE in the west. We plan to strive for global expansion based on our brand portfolio.

L7 Chicago is located in downtown Chicago, which is close to O'Hare International Airport. It is close to major sights such as the Chicago River and Millennium Park.

It has a total of 191 rooms, including 22 suites, one F&B outlet, and three banquet halls, and renovation is planned to present unique lifestyle of L7.

LOTTE HOTEL has 32 hotels in seven countries. The hotel group has a Korean style service and brand portfolio that caters to the needs of various travelers.

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Wynn Resorts;

The integrated resort development on the man-made Al Marjan Island will cost billions of dollars.

The spectacular Al Marjan Island, already a leading tourism destination, is only 15 minutes from the two airports. Al Marjan Island has over 7.8 kilometers of sparkling beaches and 23 kilometers of waterfront in addition to world-class hotels and residential developments.

The reclaimed land of Al Marjan Island extends into the Arabian Gulf. The new integrated resort on one of the exclusive islands will offer a pristine setting with spectacular views of the Arabian Gulf as well as sandy beaches and a marina. Wynn Resorts is developing the first beach resort in the world. The current scope includes a 1,000+ room hotel, high-end shopping mall, a state-of-the-art meeting and convention facility, an exclusive spa, more than 10 restaurants and lounges, a wide array of entertainment choices, a gaming area, and other amenities.

Wynn Resorts will be the developer of the integrated resort. The project will create substantial value to the local economy by creating jobs and stimulating the growth of related sectors. The entire project will be developed to the highest standards of best practices once completed.

There is an engineer. The new integrated resort highlights the fast-growing recognition of Ras Al Khaimah as a leading investment destination for high-quality hospitality projects, according to the CEO of Marjan. Wynn Resorts, one of the world's most renowned integrated resort companies, has a strong track record of developing luxury destinations with exceptional accommodation, dining, entertainment concepts and gaming facilities. The new development will raise the benchmark in luxury hospitality in the region by using Wynn Resorts expertise. It will boost the leisure, business, and MICE tourism sectors and create exceptional value.

The one-of-a-kind guest experiences for which Wynn Resorts is renowned will be created at Al Marjan Island, according to Craig Billings, newly appointed CEO of Wynn Resorts. The region offers tremendous potential for the tourism industry, and we are excited about the prospect of developing an integrated resort.

The new resort is in the early stages of development and will be applying for an integrated resort licence.

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TravelBoom Marketing;

Apple's update to its operating system affects web marketers across the board. There are going to be some significant changes in how we market and remarket because of the new privacy settings.

It is going to be impacted by Facebook marketing. If you haven't been running Facebook ads recently or experimenting for yourself, you may not know how the update has affected website visitors.

We dig into our latest article on how to win Facebook marketing for hotels after the new operating system is released, and learn the real story.

You can listen to the TravelBoom podcast here.

TravelBoom Marketing is about marketing.

TravelBoom specializes in developing and executing data-driven marketing solutions that drive direct bookings and growth for its clients. TravelBoom has over 25 years of experience in digital marketing for travel and hotels and uses advanced data science and analytics to uncover insights and develop strategies that greatly enhance results for clients and reduce reliance on third-party channels. TravelBoom is host of the world's #1 ranked Hotel MarketingPodcast and its quarterly Traveler Sentiment Study, both of which can be found at

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Westin Hotels & Resorts;

The Westin London City is the brand's first hotel in the UK and the 1,000 hotel within the Marriott Bonvoy portfolio in Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

The Westin London City was designed by British architects Dexter Moren. The design is inspired by the location with a modern residential feel and is built on the premise that a connection to nature enhances wellbeing. The 222 guestrooms at the hotel include brand signatures such as the signatureHeavenly bed, a spa-like bathroom, and refreshing amenities such as White Tea and Sleep Well lavender balm.

The hotel experience comes to life through the brand's six pillars of wellbeing, allowing guests to personalize their stay and engage in programming that best meets their needs. The Huggin Hill Bathhouse was carefully constructed around the archaeological remains of the Huggin Hill Bathhouse to create the indoor pool and six treatment rooms at the expansiveHeavenly Spa by Westin. The WestinWORKOUT is a state-of-the-art fitness studio that offers exercise equipment and a Hypervolt recovery station.

The wine bar Hithe + Seek and the all-day dining destination Mosaic overlook the Thames and feature a sustainable menu. Hithe + Seek is located at the heart of the hotel overlooking the River Thames, and it has views of Shakespeare's Globe theatre and the Tate Modern art gallery. The eclectic wine list, made up of 80 references, is carefully split into two sections, Hithe which features a selection of familiar favorites and Seek which showcases undiscovered gems. The small plates menu has recipes from old and new world wine countries. The Westin Eat Well menu is available on the Mosaic menu and is ideal for guests who want to eat healthy without compromising flavor, taste, or satisfaction. The fourth floor of the hotel is where the north and south sides of the hotel meet, making it the perfect location for lunches or after work dinners.

The Westin London City balances London's captivating energy with the Westin Hotels and Resorts' promise of health and well-being.

The hotel's 1,060 square meters of contemporary meeting and events space is home to collaborative working areas that spark creativity. The hotel's Ballroom is a fluid space that can be easily tailored to host a range of events. The linear nature of the north lobby's design is mimicked by five expansive meeting rooms.

The hotel, which is managed by RBH and has nine state-of-the-art residences, is located on the final piece of the Thames pathway connecting the Embankment to the Tower of London.

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Lodging Econometrics;

America's Lodging Investment Summit (ALIS) in Los Angeles is where Lodging Econometrics releases its recent Hotel Construction Trend Report. Every other Top 50 Market has a summarization of the current hotel construction activity in the Los Angeles market.

According to analysts at LE, Los Angeles has a total of almost 20,000 rooms in the construction market at the end of the fourth quarter of the year. Los Angeles has the highest room count at 133 rooms, followed by the New York market with 121 rooms.

There are over 3000 rooms under construction in the Los Angeles market. Projects scheduled to start construction in the next 12 months are at 41, with a total of 6,279 rooms, and projects in early planning are at 57.

The Los Angeles market opened 8 new hotels in the fourth quarter, second only to the New York market which opened 8 new hotels.

The Los Angeles market will rank fourth in the nation for new hotel openings in the year 2022, with 19 projects. In the Los Angeles market, LE expects 11 hotel projects to open in the next few years.

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The J.W Marriott hotel at L.A. LIVE has been retained by the company to explore recapitalization opportunities and secure a strategic partner.

"We are seeing incredible demand for luxury hotels both domestically and globally as they outperformed during the Pandemic," said Gilda Perez-Alvarado, Global CEO.

A brand-new room tower and conference center will be added to the existing JW Marriott at L.A. LIVE, which currently has over 150,000 square feet of ballroom and meeting space. The sports and entertainment district is home to Arena, the home of the Los Angeles Lakers, LA Clippers, LA Kings, and Microsoft Theatre, a 7,100-seat venue that hosts numerous high-profile events and concerts. Significant jobs have been provided for the surrounding community by the unique community benefits agreement that the development has.

As we prepare to embark on the planned expansion of the JW Marriott, bringing in a new strategic capital partner with deep hospitality experience will ensure the best prospects for the success of this vital project. With demand for high-quality hotel investment opportunities in marquee locations very strong, we believe now is the right time to identify a partner to help us complete this project well in advance of upcoming major events such as the 2026 World Cup and the 2028 Olympics, said Ted.

The Ritz-Carlton Los Angeles and the J.W. Marriott are some of the best hotels in Los Angeles. The 18-story J.W. Marriott has 878 rooms, 73 suites and 134,000 square feet of meeting space. The hotel has four food and beverage outlets, a rooftop pool and bar, a barber shop/beauty salon, and concierge services. The Ritz-Carlton has 123 rooms, 22 suites and a full-service restaurant. The Ritz-Carlton Club Level has a full-service business center, a luxury car rental and limousine/luxury transportation services. Both hotels are Silver certified.

Senior Managing Director John Strauss is the leader of the Hotels and Hospitality team.

The hotel industry is still recovering from the Pandemic and luxury hotels in particular have done well. This is a great opportunity for an experienced partner to continue the vision for L.A. LIVE and DTLA.

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This article highlights a few recommendations that India's Union Budget 2022-23 can focus on to help the Indian travel and hospitality sector during these trying times.


The travel and hospitality industries all over the world have been affected by Covid-19. Over the last two years, governments around the world have taken a variety of measures to mitigate the impact, ranging from providing financial and liquidity support as well as making policy changes to aid the recovery of their respective travel and hospitality sectors. In countries with low international travel demand, governments have introduced incentives and refunds to encourage citizens to travel within their own countries. In the last two years, the Indian central and state governments have announced a number of initiatives to support the sector, and we are optimistic that the upcoming budget would continue to lend a hand in the sector. The Union Budget 2022-23 can focus on a few recommendations to help the Indian travel and hospitality sector during these trying times.

The sector’s long-standing request for infrastructure lending status for the Indian hospitality sector, regardless of project cost, is first and foremost on our wish list. The infrastructure-lending status will allow for longer repayment tenure and lower borrowing rates which will not only go a very long way in improving the health of the sector but also in attracting substantial fresh investments. This will encourage hotel development, particularly in several off-beat leisure destinations and Tier 2 and 3 cities across the country, where growing travel demand is hampered by a lack of adequate good quality hotel supply. Creating a single-window approval system for all hospitality projects across the country, as well as providing guidelines to reduce the disparity in regulatory processes across states will also make hotel development in India easier. Secondly, conferring industry status to the sector will help hospitality establishments to take advantage of certain benefits such as reduced electricity and water charges, lower property and development tax, among other things. This will help in reducing operating costs for hospitality players, as industrial tariffs are substantially lower than the commercial tariffs that these companies currently pay.

In the absence of inbound travel, domestic tourism has been driving the sector's recovery and will continue to do so for some time, therefore the government should consider strategies to incentivize domestic travel. Domestic travel in India will be boosted by tax exemptions and a lower tax rate on hotel tariffs, which will make the sector more competitive in the long run. Extending the credit guarantee scheme and implementing a uniform national travel guideline will help the sector weather the damage caused by the tsunami.

Mandeep S. Lamba is the President of the HVS practice in South Asia. Mandeep has been in the hotel industry for over 30 years and has worked for many international hotel companies. Mandeep had built the Fortune brand in India's mid-scale hospitality sector, and then went on to set up JV companies with Dawnay Day Group UK and Onyx Hospitality Thailand. Mandeep has won several awards for his accomplishments. He was featured in the Hotelier India Power List for the second year in a row. Mandeep can be reached at +91 981 1306 161.

Dipti Mohan is the Senior Manager - Research with HVS South Asia. She has written a number of documents such as thought leadership reports, expert opinion articles, white papers and research reports. Call Dipti at

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