U.S. Covid Deaths Hit Highest Level In 11 Months

Jan 25, 2022, 04:30pm

The number of coronaviruses deaths in the U.S. is at the highest level in almost a year.

Saying Goodbye In Coronavirus Lockdown

The casket of Dennis Clapham, 62, will be taken to the Crematorium on May 26, 2020.

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The seven-day average of Covid-19 deaths was at 2,188 Tuesday, up 23% from a week ago.

It is the highest number recorded since February 17, 2021, when only a small percentage of U.S. residents had at least one dose of vaccine.

The seven-day moving average of deaths is higher than it was last year, when the seven-day moving average peaked at 1,924, according to the CDC.

The seven-day average is still below the peak of deaths caused by the Pandemic.

The seven-day rolling average for new infections stood at 663,908 on Sunday, more than double the highest figure recorded during the early 2021 surge, but down from January 16.

The omicron variant, which makes up the vast majority of new infections in the U.S., is less deadly than previous strains, according to studies. The intensive care units are under strain. One fifth of the nation's hospital beds were being used by coronaviruses on Tuesday. More than 70% of the population has received at least one vaccine dose. A booster has been given to one of every four Americans.

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