Disneyland Paris to open Avengers Campus in summer 2022

Disneyland Paris will open its Avengers Campus this summer, following the launch of its 30th anniversary celebrations in March.

The new attraction at Disney Studios Park will feature meet-and-greet events for fans of the superhero universe.

It follows the opening last year of Disney's four-star Hotel New York, which features more than 350 pieces of artwork.

The president of Disneyland Paris said the Avengers Campus was a significant milestone in the park's expansion.

The Disneyland Paris theme park opened in April of 1992 and will celebrate its 25th anniversary with new character costumes, themed shows, food and drink and merchandise.

A night-time show will feature 200 drones that will form a figure in the sky above Sleeping Beauty Castle, while a new theme song was created for the 30th anniversary.

The soundtrack was recorded in London.

It will be the first time that a Disney Park will use such technology as part of a daily outdoor show.

Disneyland Paris 30 - Minnie and Mickey copy

A new day-time show will feature more than 30 Disney Characters and dancers, with characters such as Mickey, Minnie and Donald wearing new costumes created with iridescent fabric.

The new Gardens of Wonder attraction in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle will feature ten different themed gardens, with mobiles representing Disney characters.

There will be more than 350 anniversary-themed products for visitors to buy in the park's 63 boutiques and shops.

The first pantsuit for Minnie Mouse will be created by British designer Stella McCartney in honor of Women's History Month.

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