Tonga eruption equivalent to hundreds of Hiroshimas: NASA

The island kingdom was blanketed in toxic ash from the eruption.

NASA scientists have said that the volcanic eruption in the Pacific blew up the power of the atomic bomb.

The NASA Earth Observatory said that the volcano sent debris as high as 25 miles into the atmosphere.

The amount of energy released by the eruption could be between five to 30 megaton of TNT, according to NASA scientist Jim Garvin.

The US dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima in August 1945, but NASA said the eruption was hundreds of times stronger.

The agency said the volcanic island was destroyed by the eruption.

It blanketed the island kingdom of about 100,000 in a layer of toxic ash, poisoning drinking water, destroying crops and wiping out at least two villages.

At least three lives were lost in the Kingdom of Tonga and two people were drowned in the South American country of Peru after freak waves hit the area.

The waves hit an oil tanker off the coast, creating a huge slick that has been declared an environmental disaster by the authorities.

The scale of destruction is not clear after communications to remote islands were knocked out.

Locals are still coming to terms with the scale of the disaster.

She told Agence France-Presse that it was beyond what anyone had ever experienced.

The eruption messed up our brains and we're starting to return to normal now.

It was proving difficult to live with and raise concerns about long-term health issues due to the coating of fine grey grime.

She said it gets everywhere. Everyone has blackened fingernails, you get sores in the corner of your mouth, and it irritates your eyes.

We need a good storm to wash everything away.

The Japanese, New Zealand and Australian defence forces have started delivering relief supplies, particularly water, while maintaining strict COVID-19 protocols to preserve Tonga's virus-free status.


The eruption of Tonga is equivalent to hundreds of Hiroshimas.

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