Trump Mocked For Embarrassing 'Please Clap' Moment At His Own Resort

Donald Trump may have had a moment of his own.

A new clip posted on social media shows Trump standing at his table and gesturing to people nearby to applaud him.

He gave a thumbs-up after they did.

It is not clear when the footage was captured, but it is drawing comparisons to a Jeb Bush moment from the 2016 campaign trail, when he uttered what he thought would be an applause line, only to be greeted in silence.

The former president was roasted.

The world's most deranged malignant narcissist requires applause and worship from people who eat waffles in his palace. What a sick man.
Spiro Agnew's Ghost is on January 23, 2022.

Jimmy Carter builds houses for the poor. Clinton has an organization. Bush paints portraits of veterans. Obama has a foundation.
Trump is at his golf club.
Fred Wellman wrote about it on January 23, 2022.